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Chocolate and Tea SLIDER

Chocolate and Tea: Together Like Peas and Carrots

Recently, a PR company emailed me asking me if I was a "chocolate lover" and whether I'd be interested in writing a piece about pairing chocolate with tea in time for Mother's Day.  I, of course, said … [Read More...]


Petite Sizes: Is it Getting Better?

I'd say, to a certain extent, yes.  Most major brands that carry petites have launched their spring … [Read More...]

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raisin bran muffinSLIDER

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 15: Goji Berries and Bran Muffin Stuffed Chicken

Mystery basket ingredients for the main course were not all that weird this past … [Read More...]


Tacky Dressing: Nothing But Attention Grabbing Weirdness

I am not pleased with the state of how people dress these days.  I know that … [Read More...]

Porzia Smoked Makerel Tortellini SLIDER

Porzia: Spring Menu Delicious, Event Could Have Been Better

I had the chance to experience Porzia's new menu on April 15 through an … [Read More...]

favabeans SLIDER

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 14: Butter Swordfish and Fava Bean Chow Fun?

Due to being out of the country for a family wedding, I actually did not see the … [Read More...]

Doug Coupland's Gumhead SLIDER

Everything Old is New Again: Toronto’s Cultural Institutions’ Appeal to the Young

Art galleries and museums were once considered the exclusive domain of society’s … [Read More...]

quark and greek yogurt cheesecake1 SLIDER

Quark and Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Raspberries

I was looking for an interesting dessert to serve over the holiday weekend and … [Read More...]

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