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Specialty Size Brand Carolina Alvo Launches Kickstarter Today!

Last year, we profiled an online, petite-focused store called Gambita, which sold clothing that was suited for women 5'4" and below.  The clothes on Gambita were from other brands which made shorter … [Read More...]


Can Normcore Food be Foodie-esque?

This Margaret Wente article from the Globe and Mail had me thinking.  In a city full of wonderful … [Read More...]

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Wedding Series 2014: Part IV: Best Honeymoon Hotels and Tips

DelectablyChic! is excited to present its Fifth (including one series under … [Read More...]

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J.Crew Brings Petite Denim and Sweaters Back for Select Styles

I just came across the news this morning (after clicking on an email from J.Crew … [Read More...]

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Dealing with Annoying People: A Reaction to the WSJ

A few weeks ago, I came across an Elizabeth Bernstein article in the Wall Street … [Read More...]

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Q&A with Jackie Bonilla Fruit Couture

A recipe or preperation of food, is more often then not a lot of work just to … [Read More...]


Wedding Series 2014, Part III: Wedding Day

DelectablyChic! is excited to present its Fifth (including one series under … [Read More...]

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Is Brunch at a Diner Still…Brunch?

My husband and I go out for breakfast/brunch every Sunday.  One of our frequent … [Read More...]

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