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Milagro Tostadita and SopeSLIDER

A Culinary Trip to Mexico at Milagro Cantinas

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a media dinner at Milagro Cantinas on Mercer, one of three locations in the city.  The dinner, which included tastings of several "authentic" dishes on the … [Read More...]

cinnamon heartsSLIDER

Chopped Canada 16: Cupcakes, Cinnamon Hearts and White Chocolate

How sweet!  There was definitely something dessert-focused in each round of the 16th show.  I have … [Read More...]

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Slow Cooker Whole Chicken for Easter

A while back, I posted a picture of a whole chicken I made in a slow cooker.  … [Read More...]


Aime by Monica Mei’s Reversible Resort Wear!

I was first introduced to Monica's line at Fashion Week several seasons ago, … [Read More...]

halibut maple SLIDER

Dinner with Maple Syrup at Reds Wine Tavern

Recently, my husband and I went for a maple syrup tasting.  Not the kind one has … [Read More...]

Final PlatingSLIDER

Milk Poached Black Cod with Garlicky ‘Mornay’ Sauce

So first of all, what IS a Mornay sauce?  According to, it is a … [Read More...]


Chopped Canada 15: They Finally Use Hazelnut Spread! the dessert round, anyway (and to be more accurate, it's likely CHOCOLATE … [Read More...]

baked apples and berries with matzoSlider

Baked Apples, Berries and Matzo

People who know me know that I prefer lighter desserts.  With Passover and … [Read More...]

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