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J.Crew Brings Petite Denim and Sweaters Back for Select Styles

I just came across the news this morning (after clicking on an email from J.Crew regarding new styles).  J.Crew has NOT sold petite length denim or sweaters in at least five years.  The jeans are … [Read More...]

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Dealing with Annoying People: A Reaction to the WSJ

A few weeks ago, I came across an Elizabeth Bernstein article in the Wall Street Journal called "How … [Read More...]

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Q&A with Jackie Bonilla Fruit Couture

A recipe or preperation of food, is more often then not a lot of work just to … [Read More...]


Wedding Series 2014, Part III: Wedding Day

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Diner sign on main street

Is Brunch at a Diner Still…Brunch?

My husband and I go out for breakfast/brunch every Sunday.  One of our frequent … [Read More...]

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LUSH Cosmetics Celebrates 200 Stores

The Kit Magazine of The Toronto Star hosted a private intimate celebration for … [Read More...]


Wedding Series 2014, Part II: Gifts for the Wedding Party and Guests

DelectablyChic! is excited to present its Fifth (including one series under … [Read More...]


Coco Lezzone: Delicious Food, Great Atmosphere

There have been several restaurants located at 137 Avenue Road, located just a … [Read More...]

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