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Garnier Clean Plus

Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin:

I recently had the chance to try Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin, a make-up remover that I received from Garnier Canada for review purposes.  The product, which does not contain alcohol, dyes or … [Read More...]


Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 7: Frog’s Legs Wraps with Thumbprint Cookie Jam Dip

On last week's episode of Chopped Canada, the appetizer ingredients included ingredients such as … [Read More...]

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Palm Springs: A Mecca for Mid-century Modernism and Mad Men

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On Being a Child of Immigrants and Kids of Immigrants in General

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Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 7: Curried Turducken Poutine?

Besides turducken, which was for the main course, other ingredients included … [Read More...]

Some Oscar 2015 Highlights: Feminist Rants, Lady Gaga and Birdman’s Win

Equal Pay Rant and Being Relevant: Patricia Arquette at the SAG Awards in … [Read More...]

Year of the Goat SLIDER

Happy Lunar New Year!

Just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates a very happy Lunar New Year and … [Read More...]

lime pickleSLIDER

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode Six: Lime Pickle and Tropical Fish

Ingredients for episode six included tuna steaks and french fries for the main … [Read More...]

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