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Screen handle:  TheVongChoice


Where are you based? Toronto

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Why did you start your site?

It was a labour of love to express my passion for my food journeys and eating adventures throughout the world.  Like all great ideas, The Vong Choice was created in aspiration to virally share a true personal favourite – POUTINE, and so the blog was born and now it not only chronicles poutine experiences but culinary experiences of all kinds

How long have you been blogging? 

Almost 3 years! Christmas Eve, 2008 was my first post.

What kind of impact do you think bloggers have made in restaurant reviews/cooking/dining in general, if at all? 

I think we’ve been able to affect general opinions with our restaurant experiences and reviews in both a positive and negative way.  We have been able to bring forth new cooking preparations like molecular mixology or new innovations like the miracle berry which makes things that are sour turn sweet. 

What’s your definition of a “foodie”? Do you consider yourself to be one?

Foodie in my definition steams from a love for eating, open mindedness about different cuisines and a knowledge of different food ingredients and cooking methods. 

I consider myself more of a food enthusiast.  I do come from a long line of “Foodies” as the daughter of a Toronto Restaurateur, and Granddaughter to owners of Vong’s Kitchen in Vancouver, BC so you can say I come to her love of the culinary experience honestly, having worked in these fine establishments from a very young age.  

Favourite type of cuisine?

My guilty pleasure is the Canadian quint-essential comfort food poutine, decadent items like foie gras and truffles and could always eat Japanese and Italian. 


I enjoy my share of poutineries around the city.  For dinners out, I enjoy places like Buca, Enoteca, Julies Cuban, Foxley, Toshi Sushi and the Local Kitchen. 

Do you make that kind of cuisine or do you prefer to go to restaurants?

I definitely enjoy cooking around my house and yes, can make a lot of home made dishes however sometimes it’s just a matter of ease to go out

Do you take pictures of food with a camera-camera or your phone?  Do people think it’s weird?

I have a DSLR camera and an iPhone 4 that I use to snap food pictures.  My friends and family are all used to me snapping photos of all our food before they are allowed to dig in.  Some even send me pictures of unique food experiences when I’m not there.

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