Fashionistas Relatively Tame at Versace for H&M/What I Got

Maybe it’s just that we’re Canadian, but unlike Europe and some other parts of the world, clients at the H&M store on Yonge and Bloor in Toronto were relatively well-behaved at today’s launch.  Coloured bracelets were given out to people who were in line just around 7:40, each coded for a time slot.  Mine was for 10 am, so I went out to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the store.  I had a few outfits in mind that I wanted to pick up, including a pink dress, the leather trench as well as a flapper-esque hearts dress.  A palm tree tank top and similar-looking skirt was on my maybe list – it was something that I had to try on before making my decision.  However, with the time that I got, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get anything at all.

Line waiting to get into the “holding area” before shopping

I went back to the store around 9:30 to get in line so I could make it into the holding area for those who were up to shop.  A lot of people were, of course, already waiting (and many shopping) when I arrived about five minutes before we were called.  Because only a select number of people were allowed in at a time, there wasn’t an insanity of people grabbing things away from others. There were some pieces left, especially the brighter coloured more, more stereotypically Versace pieces, but two of the items on my wish list were not there (either gone or sent only to Yorkdale or Eaton Centre).  I did manage to take other items into the fitting room as well.  I had to try things on in two rounds as only seven pieces were allowed in at a time.  The first dress I tried on was one on my wish list – a short, form-fitting silk dress with hearts.  It was an excellent fit and a definite buy.  Other looks I took in weren’t so lucky.  The palm tree tank and matching skirt made me look like a box.  No.  Little black dress? Fit funny in the shoulders and arms and didn’t pass the “arm/hug test” (meaning I couldn’t wrap my arms around myself). Sadly, they were no-gos.

The dress I picked up, worn with Manolo d’Orsays.  Bag is the 442 McAdam Regal Trio (still available in black and wine & black)

I didn’t pick up any bags, accessories or home items, though many did. In fact, I think I was one of few shoppers who came out of the store with only one bag.  I think the last time I bought more than one piece at an H&M designer collaboration was way back in 2005, at the Stella McCartney event.  I’m happy with my purchase.  If the other items on my wish list were available, I would have had a very difficult time deciding what to buy.  These items may be lower-priced than what Versace typically costs, it’s still, as with all other Fall designer collaborations, higher than typical H&M pieces.  Looking forward to next year.  Rumours are already circulating as to who the designer will be…

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