Astro Original Greek Yogourt: A Delicious Indulgence

The wonderful people over at Fleishman-Hillard recently sent me three tubs of Astro Original Greek Yogourt each in different flavours – plain, strawberry and honey.  I have to admit that I rarely eat flavoured yogurts, opting for plain and either low-fat or fat-free.  The ones I was sent were full-on fat.   I was hesitant at first, but then decided to treat them as dessert rather than something that one would eat on a regular basis.

The good thing about these yogurts is that they are already stirred, so there’s no need to mix flavoured versions before consuming.  And because it’s “regular,” full-fat yogurt, it is much creamier than what I’m used to.  Out of the the two flavoured versions I had, honey was the best in terms of taste while strawberry was a little bit too sweet.  Regular wasn’t bad, but again, I would have preferred that it was low fat or fat free, if I am going to mix it with something.  I would consider using full fat as a dip, however.

Astro Original Greek Yogourt contains no gelatin, and is certified kosher.  In addition to the three flavours that I tried, peach and fat-free strawberry are also available.  I am a little disappointed that the website does not list fat-free plain as it could potentially be very popular, especially as an even lower-fat replacement for coconut milk in curries or to mix with muesli at breakfast.

Despite the fact that this was not the normal yogurt I eat, it was definitely very good.  I would encourage the people at BioBest/Astro to develop low fat or fat free versions of honey and plain (considering that other brands already have these flavours) to further expand their appeal.

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