Ottawa Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week once again brought the nation’s capital together for a fantastic show case of fall and winter designer collections for this year. The event was held at the Westin Hotel in central downtown Ottawa (which was very handy for out of town guests).


 Illyra (left) and !NU.I (right)

The layout of the venue was intimate and welcoming with sponsors and vendors show casing their products to the masses as you made your way to the runway area. This season, the first day of shows started on a Friday evening opposed to last season, a Thursday evening. This I believed work in their favor as when arriving the turn-out even for the first show appeared to be almost, if not completely sold out!

The three days of shows offered those whom attended the opportunity to view some amazing and very interesting pieces. The collections ranged from pieces that were fashion forward yet everyday wearable in many ways such as Illyria, !NU.I, Sukhoo Sukhoo and Helmer. With other collections offering a glimpse into a very specific creative vision such as Frash and Y!D.N.A. Several designers used a fair bit of color considering this was the fall/winter shows.


Y!D.N.A. (L) and Helmer (R)

Scheduling wise, shows were running pretty much perfectly on time, which is a tough challenge to meet considering the backstage mayhem, planning and when things happen that are totally out of their control. (So with that being said, good on them for that!)

Sukhoo Sukhoo

One great thing I noticed that I feel should be mentioned was even the local designers were bringing in a creative director or stylist, somebody to bring something different to their show. In all honesty, this to me is something great, as it gives an opportunity for the same people who come season after season to get an even more fresh perspective on that designer.

So, once again, Ottawa Fashion Week has surpassed the previous season and we all look forward to the next!

Photography by Greg Kolz

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