Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

I recently had dinner at Five Doors North, located on Yonge, just south of Eglinton. I’ve known about this Italian-inspired eatery before – after all, it’s been around for several years – but only went there for the first time this past weekend.

lights Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

Light fixtures on the ceiling

romaine Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

Romaine leaves with garlic crostini and Caesar dressing dip

My first impression of the restaurant was its eclectic decor – lamps hanging diagonally on the ceiling and the magazine tear-outs on table tops.  In addition, the menu is wallet-friendly without looking like it is  Unlike similar restaurants in the same price range, it doesn’t have a long list of pastas.  Rather, they offer the following: a long noodle, a short one, a gnocchi and a risotto with two sizes.  The larger size is very substantial and is served on a skillet.  The main courses include meats and seafoods as well as two non-pasta vegetarian choices including eggplant.  There is also an abundant choice of sides, including grilled rapini and polenta, great for people who don’t like the standard potatoes and veggies (or those who don’t want any additional starch at all).  This is something that isn’t often seen in restaurants at this price range.

pasta1 Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

Large pasta

table top Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

Table top decor – mostly tear-outs from magazines.  This one is from a TIFF issue of Toronto Life (I see George Clooney, Brad Pitt and I think the woman in gold is Ashley Judd)

At my visit, I started with romaine leaves with garlic crostini and a Caesar dipping sauce – think Caesar salad without the tossing, shared with my husband.  Nothing surprising here. Basically Caesar salad presented a different way.  The good thing is that with a dipping sauce, you’re controlling the amount of dressing you consume.  As a main, I chose the pork chop with sundried tomatoes and onions and added a side of rapini.  The meat was absolutely delicious.  Not too over-done and the sundried tomatoes gave it a bit of zest.  The rapini, on the other hand, was a little on the tough side – a bit difficult to cut, either with a knife or one’s teeth.

pork chop Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North

Pork chop with sundried tomatoes and onions

Service was very good.  Staff were very knowledgeable about the dishes and gave excellent recommendations.  I would have gone with another side had our server not suggested either the zucchini or rapini.  We were a little bit stuffed for dessert, but will definitely try something the next time we stop by.  One thing I would have to say about Five Doors North are the menus.  They were handwritten, photocopied and unfortunately, a little difficult to read.  While I understand that the pastas are changed on a regular basis, it would have been nice if the menu was typed and printed on heavier stock.

Five Doors North is located at 2088 Yonge.  Reservations can be made by calling 416-480-6234.

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pixel Dining in Midtown: Five Doors North
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