Wedding Series Part III: The Wedding Day

DelectablyChic! is excited to present its 3rd Annual Summer Bridal feature, this time a four part series on Wedding Prep, Make Up & Beauty Must-Haves for the 2012 Summer Bride, The Wedding Day, as well as Wedding Related Ideas.  Last week, we discussed Make Up & Beauty Must-Haves for the 2012 Summer Bride and today we move on to The Wedding Day.

It’s the tiny details that often really make a wedding day more special.  Caught up in ensuring all the big elements are in place, it’s easy to forget to pamper yourself and your guests in little ways.

For the Bridal Waiting Room:

Especially with last minute hiccups and delays, but even if the wedding is on time, waiting in the bridal room can seem never-ending.  Decorate or accentuate your waiting room with small luxury items like Pink Peony Large Soy Candle by Aquiesse which is a delicate blend of pink peony, cherry blossom and green ivy that transforms (at least fragrance-wise) what is often a plain white room into an exotic paradise.

For the Bridal Pouch:

The summer is really heating up and if your wedding ends up being held on a particularly humid day, keep lots of water for yourself and your guests.  In fact, you can have ice chilled water bottles greeting guests as they enter your venue, followed by your signature cocktail.  Don’t forget to also keep a pocket size lotion handy so your skin stays supple. We recommend L’Occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Cream which is a non-oily formula that can be smoothed over hands, body and face.

For Bridal Emergencies: 

Worried about bra straps showing or too much cleavage?  We at DelectablyChic! are in love with FASHION-AID®, which is a roll on adhesive that eliminates wardrobe embarrassments by instantly securing your clothing and lingerie to your body. By rolling on this translucent,  hypoallergenic, water washable fashion adhesive to your skin, you immediately secure slipping bra straps, strapless, off the shoulder, low neckline, revealing styles of clothing, including wedding gowns.

For the Bridesmaids:

The height of trend in nails these days is neon.  OPI has great shades including Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink and Seriously Purple, all of which come in a mini pack called Outrageous Neons.  This pack can also be separated and distributed among bridesmaids, with each bridesmaid wearing a different neon bridesmaid dress with matching nails. 

For the Wedding Swag:

We simply fell in love with Aquiesse Luxe Linen 15 Hr Set/2 Votive Candles.  This item is so luxurious, even the texture of the box feels like a dollop of pampering.  The colour is a very elegant ivory so it is something that can actually add class to a Bachelor pad as much as to a lady’s boudoir.

For the Honeymoon:

With all the airline rules about liquids and creams, we can’t help but love LUSH Cosmetics’ Toothy Tabs.  These solid toothpaste tabs pack beautifully in recyclable paper boxes that fit perfectly in a travel case for long flights or even in your bridal pouch if like many brides, you forget to eat during the ceremony.  Our favourite flavor Ultrablast will give you fresh breath extraordinaire due to the wasabi antibacterial action.  It’s a combo of peppermint, spearmint and lavender oils.  These tabs are supposed to be used with a toothbrush but as they are made of baking soda, they easily break down in your mouth and you can clearly gargle with them and spit them out in an emergency.

Finale next week … Wedding Related Ideas

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T U Dawood is a freelance journalist as well as the former Canadian representative to the YNS, the youth wing of the Associated Press. She is a specialist on entrepreneurship and is on a mission to educate girls in need throughout the world. Check out her Educate a Girl charity.

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