Kay Tran Sunglasses for Petite Noses

Many people with smaller/lower nose bridges complain about the lack of sunglasses that properly fit them without frames touching one’s cheekbones, slipping off or leaving marks one’s face.  To solve this issue, enter in Toronto-based designer Kathy Tran, who two years ago, launched a collection of sunglasses called Kay Tran, in various different styles and sizes that cater to the market.  The glasses have elevated nose pads and narrower bridge, widened temples and the frames are less curvy.  With seven different styles, each coming in at least two colours, there’s definitely something for almost everyone.

The company was kind enough to lend me four pairs of glasses in three styles to try.  These glasses are the Jennifer, Allison and Cecilia (two pairs).  Below is a brief write-up of each of the frames:

 Cecilia (black):

While I love the dark, square frames, I think the glasses are just too overwhelming (both in terms of width and size of lenses in general) for my petite face.  Though the square frames did not make me look like a Lady Gaga or Olsen wannabe like Megumi Hogosai’s MEGUMI-O glasses, Cecilia was definitely not for me.  They would, however, be amazing on someone with a larger face.

Cecilia (vanilla):

Same as above in regards to proportion and look.  Colour-wise, it does pop against my skin (and will pop even more on people who are darker).  However, the “pop” makes the largeness of the Cecilia even more noticeable.

Jennifer (Dark Olive):

Somewhat similar in style to the Cecilia, these frames are a bit narrower.  It’s a bit of a snug fit on me, but definitely NOT as overwhelming as the Cecilia.  However, the lenses are still a little bit big for those who have smaller faces when larger frames are not on trend.  However, with all the celebrities wearing huge glasses, it doesn’t look as odd.

Allison (Golden Maple):

These have to be my favourite.  I love the cat eye shape as well as the light brown colour (also available in three other shades).  They were SLIGHTLY wide for me, but all in all, the ones that I’m wearing the most.  Out of the three styles sent, Allison also has the narrowest nose piece and are slipping the least out.

Kay Tran sunglasses are available for purchase online or at brick and mortar retailers listed on the website.  At full price, the glasses range between $295 and $320 depending on style.

About Cynthia Cheng Mintz

Cynthia Cheng Mintz is the founder and webitor-in-chief of this site and the petite-focused site, Shorty Stories. She has also written for other publications including the Toronto Star and has blogged for The Huffington Post. Her first novel, Aspirations, was published in 2007. Outside of writing, Cynthia researches and advises philanthropic ideas for family funds and foundations and also volunteers.

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