Anna Dello Russo for H&M: My Eyes! My Eyes!

The Anna Dello Russo for H&M collection debuts tomorrow, October 4, and I swear to whatever higher beings are out there that I am the only style blogger on this planet who just doesn’t care about the collection.  It isn’t just because the I’d never be able to fit into any shoes at H&M (feet too small), but the fact that the entire collection is nothing but really over the top bling and I think people are only attracted to the collection because of all the publicity.  Anna Dello Russo, editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, isn’t exactly THAT big of a name in North America, at least not to the extent of the other collaborations (of mostly designers) H&M has had.  In fact, I’m not even sure whether the “casual fashionista” even knows who she is.

Anna Dello Russo for H&M, as displayed at the Yonge-Bloor store window in Toronto

Except for a clutch or two (and that’s a big MAYBE), the pieces are just plain loud, too loud, in fact.  Accessories should have a bit of punch to them, but at the same time, should remain a bit subtle, which isn’t the case in this collection.  Besides, many of the pieces are just a little overwhelming on anyone who is smaller than a size 6 (and I don’t mean an H&M size 6, which is closer to a 2 or 4) and under average height unless one is a big fan of the whole “arm party” thing – something that I just don’t get.  And this is the case even if one is only wearing a single bracelet from this collection.  People are not Christmas trees and shouldn’t attempt to look like one, lights or not.

More pieces from the collection

Of course, most of fashion media, blog or mainstream, will likely disagree with me, but I feel that these days, the fashion world has, in a way, gone too far in terms of over-the-topness and anything that is subtle is frowned upon, especially in the blogging world.

What are your thoughts?  Are you going to be buying anything from the Anna Dello Russon collection?  What about the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela collaboration?


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