Pretty in Pink Tartan and Rebellious Disco Chic

Kimberly Newport-Mimran’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection featured her signature full skirts and timeless, preppy pieces.  However, there was a twist.  While the show started off with pretty, cotton candy coloured looks in pale pink and mint with a splash of sharp berry with a strong “Mad Men,” lady-like vibe,  it soon turned 1970s disco (to the point that I had , full of black and gold – definitely a contrast to not only the first part of the collection, but what Ms. Newport-Mimran typically creates.  Perhaps it’s to contrast the difference between Betty Draper Francis, proper political wife and what her daughter, Sally, might become in a few years.

Pink Tartan 2 Pretty in Pink Tartan and Rebellious Disco Chic

Pink Tartan 1 682x1024 Pretty in Pink Tartan and Rebellious Disco Chic

It is, however, to be said that despite the glittery, club-like colours, the style itself does not move too far away from “typical Pink Tartan.”  Classic cuts remain, and many pieces (save for the bandeau tops, for example) will look appropriate during the day at the office, and then later on a date with the significant other or out with “the girls.”

Photos by Deborah Lawrence Photography

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pixel Pretty in Pink Tartan and Rebellious Disco Chic
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