Roping in Denim with Triarchy

Last season, the west coast based denim brand opened with half-dressed models picking  out jeans from a pile.  This time, with a collection inspired by “by a night to remember in St. Tropez, the morning after, and the adventures in between,” featured two men, one shirtless, pulling a rope (which would later be a key part of the show) and a woman wearing a maxi skirt.  The woman then took off the skirt to reveal a pair of very short denim shorts.  Needless to say, Triarchy has, once again, found a very interesting way to open a show.

While denim is, well, denim – a staple in most people’s wardrobes, there were definitely some interesting washes to look out for, including ombré and prints. Skinny remains “it” for women – a good thing for those of us who are not tall (without petite cuts, flared jeans would be impossible unless one wore skyscraper heels all the time) and look for metallic embellishments as well.  There were many cropped and cuffed looks.  Colours to watch out for besides print include gunmetal and copper, for both men and women.

The jeans were, for the most part, paired with plain black or white flowy tops for women and many of the men were topless – it IS the South of France, after all.  There were, however, some women who rather than wear blouses, were covered up with rope, a reminder of the opening part of the show.  Though this might be a good way to get the audience to focus on the denim, the rope tops, if not tied correctly could be a “wardrobe malfunction” waiting to happen.  Luckily, nothing fell apart.

 Images by Deborah Lawrence Photography

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