Twists on Classics: Kale Caesar Salad at Lola’s Kitchen

There are those who believe that classics should remain classics and no one should make changes to them, especially when it comes to food.  If done carefully enough, twists can be a good thing, especially if it is properly named (i.e. not like the Brad Pitt Chanel ad I discussed yesterday).  In fact, I think changes can give things an interesting, updated twist and that is definitely the case with kale Caesar salad at Lola’s Kitchen (formerly Lola’s Commissary, which we wrote about some two years ago).  Rather than the standard romaine lettuce, the salad is made with kale and nappa, topped with leeks and polenta croutons.  The dressing is made with cashews.

I have to admit that kale, being kale, has less of a juicy taste compared to romaine.  However, the aura of a Caesar salad remains, even with the cashew dressing.  The only thing I’d change about would be the croutons, or rather, the crouton sticks as they were a little bit on the greasy side.  The salad could also have been tossed a little, though the drizzled dressing does present better on the aesthetic level.

What are your thoughts on altered classics?  Do you think this salad should still be called a Caesar salad, with all the changes?

Lola’s Kitchen is on 634 Church Street, just south of Bloor.  Hours are Monday to Friday, 11 AM to 10 PM; Saturday, 9 AM to 10 PM and Sunday 9 AM to 4 PMReservations can be made by calling 416-966-3991 or on their website.

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