B1tchin’ about Grilled Cheese and Apple Enchiladas

The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo has ended for another year and it was definitely another year of success for them, judging from the massive crowd that was in attendance on Friday night.  In fact, the crowd was so big that it was pretty difficult to navigate from station to station, meaning that it was possible that some good ones were missed.  However, we still managed to try several, including old favourites such as Hank Daddy’s Barbecue, mini desserts from Bite Bar and the cranberry-based wines from Muskoka Lakes Winery as well as some new discoveries.  One such discovery was gourmet b1tches.

Started by Shontelle Pinch and Bianka Machette, gourmet b1tches is a food truck that serves many gluten-free dishes.  The two items at the event this year were applewood smoked cheddar grilled cheese with a dipping sauce made with banana and Thai chilli as well as a baked apple and spice enchilada with agave – smart of them to list both a dessert and non-dessert, since they could have attendees try two different items.  While the grilled cheese definitely smelled and tasted delicious, the enchiladas were even better, with that tangy and spicy taste.  These items are, however, not listed on their catering menu online (though I think it should).

Available to cater private events, their catering menu boasts Latin American/Mexican-inspired and fusion items such Asian tamarind kiwi steak taco as well as slightly healthier items like spicy kale salad and arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and garlic chips.   The company is very active on social media and have their calendar up on Facebook if you would like to know where they’ll be and when.  I believe this was the first year gourmet b1tches was at the Expo and I really hope that they come back next year.

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