Current and Upcoming Food Trends in North America

Recently, I was able to speak with Phil Lempert of Supermarket Guru to discuss food trends that he has observed so far and what he sees this upcoming year.  What he told me was, for the most part, not much of a surprise.  Millennials are foodies and really care about ingredients.  Unlike other generations, they are more likely to read labels, care about ingredients and research brands, but at the same time, want convenience.  This is leading to the explosion of gourmet microwave foods, especially foods that “look pretty.”   On the other hand, Generation X are more interested in health and cooking skills.

A short video summarizing current and upcoming food trends

At the same time, in terms of shopping, an increasing number of men are involved in food shopping and supermarkets, at least in the United States, know this.  More and more “man aisles” are popping up – featuring items that are more likely purchased by guys than women.  And as men, like women, are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat and are involved with making food-related decisions for the family, more “traditionally male” methods of cooking such as barbecuing are incorporating fish, vegetables and other healthier choices.

Finally, the digital world is definitely playing an important role in how one eats.  Food bloggers are, of course, always photographing and documenting their meals and food-related apps are a hit for those looking for recipes and food information through scanning bar codes.  Digital coupons one can download, particularly in the United States, are also gaining popularity.  Of course, some eateries, such as Starbucks and the Toronto locations of Freshii, are offering digital wallet services where one can pay with their phones (iOS and Android devices in both cases mentioned).

So there you have it, current and upcoming food trends.  Do you consider yourself a foodie?  Do you agree with these trends?


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