Greta Constantine Goes Navy, Black and White for Spring 2013

Greta Constantine presented their Spring/Summer 2013 collections to media and fans alike at the Distillery District’s Fermenting Cellar last week, about a month and a half after when they typically show in Toronto.  The collection, consisting of three colours of black, navy and white (i.e. a little bit nautical), were presented by colour with the darker shades first, followed by white – and the sheer number of white pieces will surely please brides-to-be looking for a second dress or something a little less traditional.  There was an array of styles, ranging from short and tight body conscious dresses to ballet-inspired pieces and soft, flowing frocks, all of which were topped off with very interesting headpieces worn by all of the models as they weaved around the M/W-shaped (depending on how you look at it) runway.

While the models were “typical” looking in terms of height, many of the pieces are actually not that overwhelming and would be fine on shorter body types – even the some of the ballet style dresses could work on the five foot, under 100 pounder without making her look like a little girl or disappear.  Length-wise, many look like they’re easy to alter, so again, would be petite-friendly, especially for those who are on the slimmer side or comfortable with their shape.  However, many of the pieces are a bit on the body-conscious side and a few may be a bit overwhelming (e.g. the longer white dress above) for smaller frames.

The cocktails

Like all Greta Constantine shows, this one was not without partying.  There were drinks named after the designers, the “Kirk” ( as in Pickersgill) and the “Stephen” (Wong), as well as one simply called “Greta.”  After the collection was presented, attendees were invited to stay for some appetizers and mingling.

Salmon rolls were among the appetizers available post-show

The late showing of the collection is actually a good move for the duo.  From the consumer and media (especially online media) perspective, the closer to availability, the fresher it is in one’s mind.

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Cynthia Cheng Mintz is the founder and webitor-in-chief of this site and the petite-focused site, Shorty Stories. She has also written for other publications including the Toronto Star and has blogged for The Huffington Post. Her first novel, Aspirations, was published in 2007. Outside of writing, Cynthia researches and advises philanthropic ideas for family funds and foundations and also volunteers.

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  • What a fantastic event!

    Kate xo

    • It was an amazing event! I LOVE Greta Constantine!

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