Panasonic Heat Induction Cooktop Event at The Richmond

A few weeks ago, DelectablyChic! was invited to a cooking demonstration courtesy of a public relations firm to learn more about Panasonic’s new suite of cooking appliances that include an induction cooktop and built-in convection oven.  The event was held at The Richmond, an event space in the Richmond and Spadina area of the city and featured Chef Craig Harding of Campagnolo creating and demonstrating a delicious three course brunch for attendees on the cooktop.  The meal included eggs, pancakes and a pasta dish.  There were also fruits, biscoti and yogurt parfait available for attendees to nibble on before the demonstration began.

Chef Harding makes truffled scrambled eggs on the Panasonic heat induction cooktop

The cooktop with one of the elements turned on

After the meal, attendees had the chance to take a look at the stove up close.  Induction cooktops, unlike traditional electric or gas tops, have a built-in infrared sensor that allows more precise temperature control.  Cooking is, therefore, quicker, and, according to representatives, more precise.  And unlike a gas stove, there’s no open flame, nor does the space other than the area where the cookware sits get too hot.   The stove also has a lock to lower the risks of one accidentally turning it on.  However, the lock is not exactly perfectly “childproof” as it can easily be unlocked by pressing the lock button.  There was also a brief discussion on the convection oven and microwave that are part of the suite.

One of the dishes served was this delicious farfalle

Some fruit parfaits for attendees to nibble on before the event began

In terms of timing, an induction top does heat up and cook quicker, but the quality of food it produces is probably no better than a traditional gas or electric stove.  In addition, while cleaning is much easier than on a gas stove, it’s no different from electric stoves with a glass top.  I was also a little disappointed that though the entire event was based around the cooking suite, only the cooktop was used for the food.  However, other than some of the missing elements, the event was well-executed and informative to media in attendance.

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