Bloggers Praise Certain Celebrities, Just Because?

Maybe it was just me, but during and after the Superbowl, practically every style blogger in North America was praising Beyonce’s performance.  Umm… really?  Was she THAT GOOD, performance wise?  Even the Destiny’s Child was pretty much expected.  And her costume wasn’t outstanding, either.  I’m sorry, but I’ve seen leather body suits before.  Besides, why was her outfit so similar to her dancers?  Similar outfits to the other Destiny’s Child singers, yes, but dancers?  Ummm, you’re Beyonce!  Besides,  I feel like many media outlets just had to praise her performance because it was expected of them – one must, after all, never criticize Beyonce, after all.

Beyonce performs at the Superbowl

This isn’t just a Beyonce thing.  In general, celebrities with a “cleaner” image   Bad girls and bad boys, on the other hand, are fair game.  Had the performer been someone like Diddy (or whatever name he feels like using right now), I’m sure there would have been more negativity.  I also feel that for smaller outlets, particularly bloggers, that it’s important to go with what they feel the majority will think, even if that is NOT how the blogger really feels.  My question to these writers is this:  Wouldn’t going the OTHER way entice more conversation?  Or you, the writer, afraid of being too different?

I feel that being “different” is a good thing, especially if one is a blogger.  These days, many blogs of the same genre are beginning to blur with other, with the only difference being names and layout – this is especially true for fashion and entertainment blogs.  They tend to discuss the same things with a very similar outlook.  While each one has its own voice, the original purpose of blogging – to have a DIFFERENT voice from the mainstream – is slowly getting lost.


Image from Just Jared

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  • Great piece!

    Kate xo

    • @twitter-309267409:disqus : Thanks! What do you think, though? Do you agree? Many bloggers, like “mainstream publications” (e.g. InStyle) were really positive about Bey’s performance – it was like “WE LOVED BEYONCE!! What do you think?” I could SMELL the fakeness in some of these posts. Thoughts?

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