Interview with Scott McGillivray of HGTV’s Income Property

One of HGTV (US) and HGTV Canada’s top shows, Income Property, recently returned to the airwaves for its seventh season, debuting on January 29 in the US and on January 31 in Canada.  The new season has an expanded format, which includes house hunting with the show’s host, Scott McGillivray as well as the familiar aspects of home renovation for income purposes.  Right before the Canadian debut, I had the chance to speak with Scott about the show and about this season…

…on the new format of the show and how it is different from all the other house search shows on the network:

HGTV does not have a house search with a contractor – all are with real estate agents.  In our format, the participants get all sorts of advice as they want to get a good investment as they make sure everything – plumbing, electrical, etc… – is checked to make sure they’re up to standard.


…on whether there is a smaller pool of applicants due to the new format of both house hunting and renovations:

No, there have been more applicants than ever!  Many people want help to look for new homes and this show is a “one stop shop.” 

 EP 68 Living Kitchen Wide Before

A living space BEFORE renovations

EP 68 Living Kitchen Wide After

Same living space after renovations


…on how the audience reception of the new concept:

It’s been amazing.  I tweeted a photo on the night of the US premiere and HGTV retweeted it and posted on their website.  The next day, they called me and said that it was the most liked and commented photo they’ve had.  In f act, it broke a record.  Ratings were also through the roof.     


…on the biggest mistakes people make when they have an income property:

Many people buy the wrong house.  This is about generating income, so it needs to attract renters.  This was actually one of the reasons why the format was changed. 

EP 60 Bedroom Before

This space was turned into…

 EP 60 Bedroom After


…on renovations really take:

 We air 30 minutes of renovations, but in reality, it averages at about four weeks.


…on the importance of staging:

It’s important on the show, of course – you don’t want to film an empty space.  Staging is also expected for executive and higher end units for the aesthetic reasons – they need to look good in photos and promotional material.


Income Property airs on HGTV Canada on Thursdays and on Tuesdays in the United States, both at 9 PM Eastern.   Please visit HGTV Canada’s website for more information.  If you are interested in appearing on the show, please visit the Income Property Television website.


 Photos courtesy of SKIT Inc.


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