Scruffy Chic: What’s the Deal, Guys?

As always, the red carpet seems to skew female more than men.  While yes, guys are sometimes asked who they’re wearing, very rarely do publications talk about it over the next few days.  So here we are at Thursday, and there have been very few pieces written about the guys.  Sure, men’s fashion doesn’t change very as often as ours, but couldn’t publications have said more?  Not mentioning the scruffy looks that several men were sporting?  Beards were all over the place, and for the most part, not that nice.



Left to Right: Bradley Cooper, George Clooney and Chris Pine (I will give Chris a conditional pass, since it’s not that bad)

Bradley Cooper, who is usually very good looking, was quite the opposite on Oscar Night.  He looked a bit slimy, with the slicked back hair and unshaven face.   And to think he came with his mother, too.  Ben Affleck didn’t seem to have changed his look much from his Argo role, save for a hair cut (so Jennifer and the kids like this?) and while George Clooney tried, he just looked far less sophisticated and “old school movie star” with facial hair.   Did the men lose their razors or something?  I was waiting for someone to start a Twitter account for his beard.  Anyway…

I have a feeling that the facial hair is all part of our downward spiral not just casualness, but sloppiness in general. I mean, if George is doing it, it means it’s okay, right?  However, like long nails or nail art on women, scruffy chic is NOT chic.  Hollywood men, please take note.  Unless facial hair is required for a role, it is not a good idea on the red carpet.

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