Banana Republic Mad Men 2013: Not That Impressive

The new Mad Men collection at Banana Republic has hit stores and online.  As noted in an earlier post, this year’s collection is inspired by the mod looks of the later 1960s, looks that are far more casual.  I went into the store on launch day as the dress I wanted to try (Peggy knit shift dress) on was not available in petites on the Canadian website as of Thursday (available in the US, though).  While usually, if something is not online, it probably won’t be in stores, this hasn’t been the case for Banana Republic’s special edition pieces.  So off I went on launch day to see if it was there.  Lo and behold, it was.  Honestly, that dress was really just one of two pieces (in terms of clothing) that caught my eye – the other was a white sheath dress.  The gingham capris are kind of plain and not too different from Banana Republic’s regular line.


The author’s purchase from Banana Republic’s latest Mad Men collection

That said, the collection isn’t entirely bad.  In addition to the dresses I liked, I’m also a fan of some of the accessories, especially the bracelets and scarves. The textured shells are also not too bad if you know what to pair them with, but the low number of pieces with sleeves can be a turn-off for some.  Colour choices aren’t too bad – it’s fairly green-dominated, with hints of navy and orange, but I have to say that the first two collections were far superior.

What are your thoughts about the new Mad Men collection?  Do you have any favourite pieces?

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  • Abrz

    Gosh I totally love the colors! this is so gonna rock many closets 🙂 (and mine of course)

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