Hilary MacMillan Debuts Fall/Winter 2013

Hilary MacMillan presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection at 99 Sudbury last Monday, a line that is fairly affordable, at the $150-$400 range, according to a Q&A.  DelectablyChic!, however, was unable to attend the show, so we could only judge the collection from photos sent to us.

This collection, which consists of gorgeous, rich tones, ranging from reds to golds and blacks has fall written all over it.  The pieces have a young, refreshing look, while retaining a bit of sophisticated flair.  What I also like about this collection is its cutting and wearability.  So many designers seem to have a preference of “showy” pieces – looks that only work on model-type bodies.  Often, the pieces overwhelm smaller body types, in a way that it cannot be pared down to fit such figures in alterations (of concern major concern to the author).  Other times, it just doesn’t work on anyone, including the models themselves.  I do, however, question the need for cropped pants  (even if it’s going to look closer to full length on petites) for the winter.  In any case, there are definitely favourites, including:

I’d say that I like cream pencil skirt (paired with a matching coat) and red suit consisting of a cropped red jacket and mini skirt with a gold hem the best, with both going on my wish list for the upcoming season.  What about you?

Currently, Ms. MacMillan’s limited spring/summer 2013 collection is available at Elle Hardware, Violets and Dahlias as well as The Store Upstairs in Airdrie, Alberta.


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