On Juice Cleanses and Bloggers

In the May issue of Marie Claire (US edition), there was an article about juice cleanses and why they aren’t that great for you.  I think this is one of the first major publications that talked about it, and yes, I am very surprised.  I would have thought that newspapers and blogs would have had an in on this back in January, when every blogger, especially those in fashion, seemed to be touting them, spending up to three or four posts documenting their process.  Well, every blogger except me.


The Renovation Cleanse from BluePrintCleanse®, a New York-based company that sells freshly-squeezed juice for cleansing and detox.

Personally, I don’t understand the concept of a puréed or liquid diet, save for dental or real stomach trouble, especially when you can eat the same items in a salad at smaller portions (a 300 mL bottle of beet and kale juice has more than one “meal sized” salad’s worth of vegetables).  And if you want more flavour, there’s no need for higher-fat salad dressings – just squeeze some lemon juice!  I even questioned a few of my blogger buddies at the beginning of the year, and only got responses along the lines of “you should try it, it works!” or worse, “it’s the best thing!”  It drove me nuts for most of January while this was going on.  I also won’t be surprised if I see another round of it this month as we get ready for bathing suit season (for those who did not go away in February or March).

Sure, these bloggers may have been paid, but I feel that often, they’re only touting it because they see the money (I’m not a fan of those always-positive bloggers.  They sound so fake.) rather than truly believing in the product.  Or do people just want to seem cool?  And if it’s only about being “cool” then why bother following the crowd?

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  • I never tried juice cleansing before because I agree it sounds like a painful diet plan. But juicing vegetables and fruits gives you better proteins, fibers and health nutrition than just eating it. I have been lazy about it and need to start redo my daily juicing.

  • I have been hearing so much about juicing as well. Vegetables and fruits together, blended up, as being so good for you and making you feel great. (Although none of the people I’ve heard this from are making any money from saying so, as noted in your post.) I have to admit, I do feel tempted by all the raving. But I still haven’t been bothered yet … it seems like a lot of work!

    • And not to mention, a bit of a burden if the rest of your family is not participating. I do think that a lot of bloggers were approached by PR, though (whether they’re paid or it being complimentary). Many of the posts are just too…positive.

  • I love my juicer – it one of my favorite kitchen implements. That said, I’ve never done a juice cleanse, nor do I think I would. I need more protein than that to get through a day.

  • I have never tried a Juice Cleanse before. Even though I’ve heard alot about them. I don’t think I could do it lol I agree with your “always positive Bloggers” comment. They drive me batty too! There is no way when reviewing a product that everything about it is absolutely perfect. There has to be some cons too. You can still believe in a product that has a few flaws. Everything does! 100 % positive reviews are a turn off for me as well. Sure they might have been paid, but that doesn’t mean they have to lie and milk it. Right? Right.. 🙂

  • I’m curious to try juicing, but I’d never have a strictly juice diet! I think teeth were made for chewing things. 🙂

  • I’m a big fan of juice cleanses – just not every other month 😉 They’re a great way to give your digestion a well deserved rest when you do it the right way and don’t go back to eating a bunch of junk right afterwards. They’re also a great way to get you started on incorporating one green juice/smoothie a day once the cleanse is over.

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