Bartenders Vie to Rep Canada at Diageo World Class

This past Monday at the SOHO Metropolitan’s Senses Bar, 10 of Canada’s top bar used their creativity to compete to represent the country in a contest in aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean in the international finals.  The event, which the finals and presented by Diageo Canada, consisted of challenges, each under a specific theme, the contestants created drinks for three judges.  Marks judged included creativity, presentation and how the Diageo-represented liqueurs were “expressed.”


The ten finalists, with the winner, Jenner Cormier, seated in the black chair


One of the contestants prepping for the judges

DelectablyChic! was unable to attend the first two challenges (“Tropical Journey” and “Retro Chic”), but arrived just in time for the film-inspired “Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong” round.  Each of the ten contestants created something based on a film, which included the Pink Panther, Die Hard and Ocean’s 11.  To add to creativity, most of the contestants presented wearing a costume related to the movie (if there was an award for Best Costume, it would have to go to Nishanta Nepulangoda, whose cocktail was inspired by The Last Samurai). Many of the presentations had hilarious introductions, especially the Pink Panther, who opened with someone stealing a bottle of Johnnie Walker and another contestant who “danced” with his bottle to “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic.


Nishanta Nepulangoda in his samurai costume


Bananas Foster!

All of the contestants accompanied the spirits with food – one made Bananas Foster in front of the judging panel.  It smelled absolutely wonderful!  The round took about two hours to complete, and the winner was announced at around 10 PM.  Representing Canada is Jenner Cormier of Halifax, who presented dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Best of luck to Jenner!


Salmon on wonton spoons – one of the several appetizers offered to attendees at the event


Gingerbread sandwich cookie made to look like a casino chip

In addition to watching the bartenders compete, attendees enjoyed various drinks, including featured cocktails made with Diageo represented liqueurs as well as appetizers.  With the exception of gingerbread sandwich cookies made to look like chips, provided by one of the contestants, no desserts were served.  Too bad, since Senses is known for sweets!


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