Custom Shoes with the Joker’s Closet

Tell me a little bit about The Joker’s Closet.  How did you come up with the idea? 

I grew into a habit of finding unique footwear “statement pieces” that would catch people’s eye and urge them to ask questions. Not because of the brand rather because of the cool design ascetic. My love for footwear was created this way.  Joker’s Closet is a design house and we believe the structural design of the footwear should be left to the design team– it should inspire, excite and offer on trend designs – Joker’s Closet pushes the boundaries each season.  Since color and texture are an intricate part of the design process – Joker’s Closet selects and controls the color palette each season. This allows the customer to create unique one of kind footwear through color and texture experimentation, yet still holds true to our original designs.  After a year of research and development Joker’s Closet was launched.


How did we come up with the name?

The Joker. In a card game you have the choice to strategize and make the Joker card anything you want it to be.  Your choice changes the outcome of the game.  Applying this to Joker’s Closet – you have control over color and textures and can create anything you want incorporating your style and mood.

The size ranges are 5-12.  What made you decide to choose this size range?  Would you say that you fit small, “standard” or “large”?

Our sizes fit standard. Joker’s Closet’s sizing is up to industry standards as we have had a high success rate with our current sizing assortment.

Any chance of going smaller (just asking: I’m a 4 ½ about 60-70% of the time)?

Yes! Due to the nature of the custom made process we can offer smaller sizes, larger sizes and also offer narrow and wide width shoes. We’ve had a number of orders from customers in these markets already. We ask our customers to add this request in the comments box when they are checking out.

JC image

What has been the reaction so far?

It’s been nice to see everything come together! We ship worldwide and have had a number of orders from different parts of the world.   It’s always interesting to see what our customers are “creating”. Some Jokers are humble and neutral and others are playful and bold.  We’ve had quite a mix of personality.

What is the most popular style?

“Pleased” and “Meet” have been our two most popular styles so far!

How often do you add new styles to your lineup?

Joker’s Closet is a design house and will be launching a new collection each season.  Along with our collection of exclusive styles we will be offering a curated palette of color and texture each season.  Our Fall / Winter 2013 -2014 Collection will be launching online in August..

Any chance of men’s shoes? Kids?

Right now we are focusing on women’s footwear however we are considering this for the future.

Joker's Closet SSz

The heels on your shoes seem to be on the higher side (3 inches or higher).  Any chance of mid-heights (2 to 2 ½”)?

We are taking this into consideration for upcoming seasons!

Where would you like to see The Joker’s Closet in the next five years?  Ten?

We are very opened minded and embrace change.  Anywhere it takes us!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Joker’s Closet is very customer centric. We offer free shipping worldwide and full refunds for any reason as per our return policy. We will go out of our way to gain and maintain our customer’s trust.


About Cynthia Cheng Mintz

Cynthia Cheng Mintz is the founder and webitor-in-chief of this site and the petite-focused site, Shorty Stories. She has also written for other publications including the Toronto Star and has blogged for The Huffington Post. Her first novel, Aspirations, was published in 2007. Outside of writing, Cynthia researches and advises philanthropic ideas for family funds and foundations and also volunteers.

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  • Judit

    Hi do you have a gallery of your shoe range. DO you make a size AAA? Cheers

    • Hi Judit:

      I checked their website and it doesn’t look like there are “extended” sizes on the website. You probably want to contact them to see if they can make narrow shoes for you. I have very small feet and will run into the same problem (I’m roughly a European 34.5).

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