Nespresso Boutique and Café Yorkville: ‘The Apple Store of Coffee’

Seriously, that’s what my husband and I overheard a guy say the first time we went back in October.  And I guess to a certain extent, he’s right – high ceilings, light-coloured walls and definitely, a very modern vibe.  Located at the former home of the Cumberland Theatre, the shop and café (called the Nespresso Boutique Bar on their website) features a restaurant in the front with a menu of small bites, desserts and (of course) coffee and machines, accessories, pods (which line the back wall) as well as demo/tasting stations at the back.  Prior to its opening, Torontonians could purchase pods either online or at the boutique located at the Hudson’s Bay store at the Eaton Centre.

nespresso crepes

Crepes filled with hazelnut and chocolate

Menu-wise, one will find a variety of espresso drinks, both with and without milk, all made with Nespresso pod and items such as quiche, salad and crepes.  Though the Nespresso boutique opens well into the evening on weeknights, I would not suggest going there for dinner.  The Nespresso Café, should you want to grab a meal, is best for brunch.

My husband and I have had brunch there twice since it opened in October.  The first time, I ordered quiche with a chocolate hazelnut spread (there is also a jam option), which is a bit less sweet than many commercial brands, and the second time, quiche.  Overall, I think the crepe is a bit better in terms of taste.  The crust for the quiche was a bit on the tough side, but it could have just been that day.  The portions are more European sized, and, to be honest, is a good thing, considering that both times we went were not long after big holiday meals (Thanksgiving in October and again shortly after Christmas).

Nespresso Quiche

Quiche and salad

Of course, you don’t have to go to the boutique to eat.  Many people just stop by to pick up pods for their machines or to look at the machines themselves.  Staff are quick to show you how they work answer any questions you might have, and as noted earlier, offering you tastings of the various coffees that are available.

Have you been to the Nespresso on Cumberland?  What are your thoughts?

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