Toronto Fashion Week is Back!

According to BlogTO, anyway. Toronto Fashion Week will now run by Peter Freed of Freed Developments and will be held in Yorkville rather than David Pecault Square, essentially a late trade with TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival). TIFF, after all, used to be mostly in Yorville. This probably means it will be held in various locations in the area, including the ROM and many of the area’s hotel ballrooms.

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Select looks from Pink Tartan’s SS/2016 collection

My thoughts on Toronto Fashion Week’s apparent return?  I hope this is a good thing for Canadian designers – especially those who are up-and-coming.  Fashion Week is a good ground for them to promote their work and goodness, Canadian designers NEED the promotion.  Yorkville also seems to be a good place – that’s where TIFF became big, after all.  In addition, due to space, there could be more intimate shows, which I *PERSONALLY* prefer, or maybe even shows which are not “traditionally” runway.  This is a chance for the fashion industry to make things DIFFERENT and to things designers might want rather than what industry might dictate (e.g. runway vs. an installation or cocktail party with models wearing the collection and walking around the room).  More details about the NEW Fashion Week will come early in 2017 and I assume this means the first shows will likely be for the SS 2018 season rather than FW.   Stay tuned.


Image credit: Photographed by Paul Ross for OPIQUE / Top of the Runway

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