It’s New York Fashion Week and I Don’t Care…

In fact, I have no plans to watch anything they’re streaming.  I just don’t seem to care anymore.  It’s not that I don’t like clothing or because I feel like the styles don’t apply to me, it’s just that it’s not something I’m not interested in writing much about anymore.  I feel like my posts are similar every season.  Each designer has his or her own “style” which doesn’t change.  Carolina Herrera, for example, always keeps things classic and lady-like, while BCBG Max Azria’s runway line looks nothing like his “regular” line, also sold at the same boutiques (however, lately, things have changed a bit – with “regular” and “runway” blurring a bit in everything but price). 

Trailer for New York Fashion Week (from Fashion Week Online, where you can watch shows live)

I guess I’m just bored. I should really be seeking out up-and-coming designers, maybe watch more Project Runway, to find people who are more “interesting” to cover – even if they’re designers I’ll never wear myself (I’m kind of old fashioned/”conservative” when it comes wardrobe).  I could continue to be critical of how things are styled, or how designers often think MORE about how it looks on the runway than how it would look on an most people (i.e. the pieces only work on tall, very slim people).  However, I do this for MANY shows and people get tired of the “same old.”  Or they just don’t care.  I mean, I don’t see other media talk about this too often.  But then again, they often just report what they see.  Or they were told not to do so as not to offend the designer!  On the other hand, because I’m an independent blogger, I’m allowed to say what I want about a line.  And if I hate it, I will say so.  🙂

This post isn’t meant to be a subtle announcement of me “retiring” from writing about fashion, New York, Toronto or anywhere else.  Okay, maybe I am.  Sort of.  I just haven’t found anything GOOD or INTERESTING to write about (especially with Toronto Fashion Week on hiatus (at least for now – a form of is set to come back some time this year)) that isn’t being reported by just about everyone else.  And with my other work, I just don’t have as much time to go to press events other than my old favourites, ones which I’ve been to for the past few years.  Basically, this means I’m really only going to writing about events and brands seen at the One of a Kind Show, the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo (I know, NOT fashion-related) and maybe a few others.  Of course, if I REALLY discover someone interesting, then yes, I will write about them.  Or, at least, post something brief on social media. 

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