Anything Goes? Well, NOT For Me, Appearance-wise

I’m really sick of the “anything goes” society seem to be moving towards to today – especially for appearance.  Yes, I like that we don’t have to dress up as much, to the point that some clubs have either toned down their dress codes for formal dining, or, even CLOSED their most formal dining areas.  However, there needs to be a line.  I don’t like men wearing “manpris,” for example.  It just looks awful and they look sloppy.  And after a certain age, it just looks immature, period.  I’m also not a big fan of nail art, as you probably know.  Thank goodness it isn’t as big of a “thing” anymore!


I don’t think I will ever understand coloured lipstick

I really don’t understand why people want to be fine with just about EVERYTHING, and calling out those who think otherwise.  Are we not allowed to have civilized debates?  Are we NOT allowed to require certain rules for certain situations?  When people have issues with women wearing, say, very short dresses to weddings, it’s considered “body shaming” or “slut shaming.”  Well, a dress resembling something one might wear to a bachelorette weekend in Vegas isn’t exactly one someone should wear to a formal, or even semi-formal country club or five star hotel reception, should it?  You won’t see guys in shorts, either.  Bachelorette party style dresses or even Bermuda shorts for guys (or women) just doesn’t scream wedding for me.  Unless said shorts are worn IN Bermuda, at a “smart casual” reception.  Speaking of “smart casual,” do people even USE that term anymore?  Or has it been replaced with “business casual?”

Speaking of men and their clothing, guys don’t seem to know how to tie ties properly – especially younger, millennial aged men.  Aren’t parents responsible for teaching kids how to dress?  Shouldn’t these guys’ fathers have taught them years ago?  No wonder you see guys look like complete slobs.  Even at interviews (I’ve probably written about this before, but I once saw a guy being interviewed at a cafe for what sounded like a job in the legal field.  I’m not sure if it was a mock interview or if it was with a real recruiter, but interviewee looked more like he was dressed for class (maybe a little bit more formal, since he was wearing a polo shirt) than for an actual interview.  He was slouching a little too.  Whether it was real or fake, one should actually LOOK like one is at an interview).  As for facial hair – at least MOST guys don’t attempt the Casey Affleck look.  I SWEAR that beard has its own agent and PR person!  And Twitter account (wait, DOES it have a Twitter account?).  And don’t get me started on blue/green/pink/purple hair.  Unless it’s Halloween, Pride or St. Patrick’s Day, it’s completely WTF for me.   

Then there’s coloured lipstick.  What’s the deal, anyway?  Estée Edit sells weirdly-coloured lipsticks, as does Sephora Collection.  I know it’s probably a fad, but it’s a nasty one and one which isn’t office-appropriate.  To me, non-traditional shades are fine for eyes, but lips?  Isn’t lipstick meant to accentuate what you have?  Shouldn’t you be wearing tones which compliment your colouring?  I own two shades lip glosses which look green and black, respectively, but they go on clear and I wear them over or under more traditional colours.  However, that’s NOT the same thing as actual blue, black or green.  I suppose purple is okay – as long as it’s in the reds/pinks/nudes family.  As for nails?  I’m (kind of) okay with non-traditional shades on toes (but only because I did it myself, back in high school.  Back when Hard Candy polish was THING for the first time around.  And green (or blue) toes were the only way I could wear nail polish, since it wouldn’t break the school’s dress code (as feet aren’t visible)). 

Maybe I’m just too restrictive.  Or old fashioned.  But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  And I really don’t think it’s all that appropriate for people to experiment TOO FAR – especially if they’re going to events in specific places which are more traditional (the hair situation can’t REALLY be helped.  If you’ve coloured your hair green, I won’t expect you to dye it a “normal” colour just for a formal dinner.  Or wear a wig).  Or have jobs in more traditional areas.  But then again, that’s just me. 


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