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DelectablyChic! will (finally) be getting a makeover over the next few weeks, switching to a more “traditional” blog-like layout.  As you probably have realized, DelectablyChic! is reporting LESS on fashion and food, and MORE on how the founder/webitor-in-chief views and feels about the world.  Whether there’ll be further changes is yet to be determined, as it is also possible our site will go on hiatus as a blog (but will continue to be updating via Instagram and other social media – especially surrounding food and #isupportcanadianfashion.

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As many of you know, I’ve been feeling out-of-place as a blogger for a while – especially in the lifestyle world.  It’s probably age-related.  I’m, after all, 37 years old!  I have no interest in being super-positive about products (I find that really tacky.  And I find it tackier if blog networks REQUIRE posts be positive only if a product is meant to be a REVIEW), for example.  Thus, the new look DelectablyChic! is getting will make the site more personal, with all posts written by me, rather than a combination of outside writers and myself. 

As you might have seen, there have been many MORE “Webitor’s Thoughts” posts over the past while.  This is going to continue.  In fact, most posts will fall into this category – I feel that I need space to voice my opinion on life and I might hold views which are different from others.  I feel that a more “traditional” look will better serve this kind of perspective.  So yes, look for it coming SOON!  Maybe even in a week or two.  And it’s not like these topics aren’t delectable or chic – I want to focus on my views on feminism, social class and ethnicity/immigration (mostly based on my own experiences ALONG with more style and food/dining-related posts (yes, I want to get back into restaurant reviews and recipes). 


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Cynthia Cheng Mintz is the founder and webitor-in-chief of this site and the petite-focused site, Shorty Stories. She has also written for other publications including the Toronto Star and has blogged for The Huffington Post. Her first novel, Aspirations, was published in 2007. Outside of writing, Cynthia researches and advises philanthropic ideas for family funds and foundations and also volunteers.

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