Primates of Park Avenue: Charmed Women, Sad Lives, Semi-Fiction

I just finished Primates of Park Avenue, a “memoir” by Wednesday Martin, published a couple of years ago.  Written in a  satirical manner, the book criticizes the lives of Upper East Side women, particularly mothers, from a “transplant” perspective – as in someone who is not really “from” there, but instead, moved in after her […]

Go Set the Watchman: Thoughts

I finished Harper Lee’s book last week and after thinking about it, can finally write how I feel.  I read To Kill a Mockingbird in Grade 8, part of our English curriculum.  Like most people, I loved the book and saw Atticus Finch as some sort of hero, especially for that time period.  It is […]

The Knockoff: A Book Review

I typically don’t listen to novels, but I felt that a book about an online publication HAD to be an audio…on my iPhone.  The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes (she’s Plum Sykes’ twin) and Jo Piazza and narrated by Katherine Kellgren centres around Imogen Tate.  Imogen is the 40-something editor-in-chief of Glossy, a fashion magazine and […]

On Re-Reading Books from High School English Class

A Facebook post from a friend has inspired me to create a small list of books from high school English class I want to re-read.  I have already completed the first of five on a shortlist that includes a couple of books which I wished I read in school, but was never on the curriculum.  […]

I’d Rather Be Short – Ummm, Not Really

I’ve been sent quite a few books lately – not that it’s a bad thing.  While I loved Rhianna Jones’s Parisienne French, I wasn’t as sure about I’d Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It’s Great to be Small by Becky Murphy.  As a fellow blogger and petite gal, I disagreed with many of Ms. […]

Parisienne French: French for the Stylish Fashionista Crowd

I recently received a complimentary copy of Parisienne French: Chic Phrases, Slang & Style by Rhianna Jones through a PR company, a book filled with fashionista and style-centric French phrases.  Since French is one of the official languages here in Canada, as an Anglophone (or more accurately, an “Allophone,” since I learned how to speak […]

Crazy Rich Asians: Extravagant, Over-The-Top, Yet Fresh Look

When I first heard about Kevin Kwan’s debut novel, I was excited to give it a read.  Growing up, the vast majority of fiction with Asian characters focused on an older generation of Asian immigrants – ones who lived in Chinatown – or historical fiction.  Few were about modern-day lifestyles.  While Crazy Rich Asians certainly […]

Book Review: MockingJay (book 3 in The Hunger Games)

Continuing on in the trilogy Mockingjay skips no time in where Catching Fire leaves you. With the previous arena destroyed Katniss find herself rescued by the rebels. The book explores more into District Thirteen, the destruction of District twelve and the rebellion itself. Gale becomes a more central character in the book. Katniss’s relationship with […]

Book Review: Catching Fire

Catching Fire starts right from where The Hunger Games left off. The beginning of the book focuses on Katniss and Peeta going through the “victory tour.”‘  This gives readers an opportunity to learn more about all the different districts. While traveling through the different districts it also opens up for some minor back story on […]

Book Review: The Hunger Games

With the popularity of the book and the movie it’s no doubt the majority of you know the plot, but in case you don’t. The Hunger Games is part one of a three part book trilogy, based in an undetermined future with a post-apocalyptic vibe. After a massive attempt to over-throw the current government by […]

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