Anything Goes? Well, NOT For Me, Appearance-wise

I’m really sick of the “anything goes” society seem to be moving towards to today – especially for appearance.  Yes, I like that we don’t have to dress up as much, to the point that some clubs have either toned… Continue Reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Valentine’s Day is the annual celebration of love.  Even those in the best of relationships sometimes can feel a pressure to select the perfect gift for this much hyped occasion.  Elegant dinner, flowers and/or chocolates are a perennial favourite safe… Continue Reading

Maybelline New York’s Winter Collection: Baby Lips

Like many women, I have way too many lip glosses/lipsticks/lip balms.  But then again, like many women, I also have more than one bag, and it’s just convenient to have “too many” lip colours so I would always have something… Continue Reading

Shoppers Drug Mart Launches Online Beauty Store

Shoppers Drug Mart’s has officially launched!  Marketing Magazine says notes that Shoppers has “entered the online shopping arena,” but they’re only half right.  Shoppers has had for a number of years.  Brands on the Beauty Boutique site include… Continue Reading

Bridal Gift Guide 2015 Part 2: The Bridal Look

DelectablyChic! is back with its highly anticipated Bridal Gift Guide Series by T. U. Dawood.  The series continues with Part I:  The Bridal Look. Check out 2015 trends for The Bridal Look FACE: BB Creams are now the best on… Continue Reading

Bridal Gift Guide 2015, Part 1: Bride Prep

dry sampoo, klorane

DelectablyChic! is back with its highly anticipated Bridal Gift Guide Series by T. U. Dawood.  This year we have a very exciting topic for Part I:  Bride Prep. So many products have been invented that can really make a bride’s… Continue Reading

Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin

I recently had the chance to try Garnier Clean + For Sensitive Skin, a make-up remover that I received from Garnier Canada for review purposes.  The product, which does not contain alcohol, dyes or fragrances which can strip away moisture… Continue Reading

Shoppers Drug Mart Can Help Your Winter Skin Issues

It’s the post-holiday season and with all the junk we’ve been eating over that period, along with cold weather, many of us are having skin issues. The dryness, the itchiness and everything else disgusting that goes along with the season!… Continue Reading