Winterlicious Reservations Starts TODAY (January 12)!!!!!!!

Who is excited for Winterlicious?  The twice-annual ____licious (winter and summer) commences on January 26 and will continue for two weeks.  Many of the regulars are back, including La Societé, Boulud and Oliver & Bonnocini Bayview Village (I always wonder why it’s THAT location rather than, say, Front Street.  Shouldn’t there be some sort of […]

Highlights Gourmet Food and Wine Expo 2016

I was back at the VIP event this year, checking out the various exhibitors – both alcoholic and food.  Here are some of my favourites: Moksha Indian Bistro:  If you’re heading to wine country, you’re in for a treat!  The spices of South Asian cuisine often pair well with lighter, semi-dry wines, so this place […]

Chopped Canada is Back and Recipe Idea From Their Mystery Basket

Chopped Canada’s fourth season started on Food Network Canada on September 3.  Mystery ingredients for various courses premiere included haggis, mountain yam root, gai lan (Chinese mustard greens) and fruit ring cereal (i.e. Froot Loops – YUCK!!!).  For my meal idea, I’ve decided make a (fake/fantasy) main course out of the round 2 basket, consisting […]

Recipe: Apple and Tomato ‘Gazpacho Sauce’

I just realized that I have NOT posted a recipe on DelectablyChic! in ages.  So why not do one now?  I’ve been experimenting with food again recently, and decided to make a soup which can double as a sauce when heated.  All you need are the following: This is the size you want the apples, […]

Truly Unique Pizza on King and Jarvis

I recently had the opportunity to try True True Pizza on King Street, just east of Jarvis.  The pizzeria, which recently reopened after re-branding from One Pizza, offers uniquely shaped, oblong, personal sized pizzas with a variety of different toppings where customers can customize to their liking.  These toppings include the usual suspects found in […]

Being Chinese and NOT Eating Rice Often

I rarely cook rice at home.  I haven’t even used my rice cooker since November 2014!  And I’m of Chinese descent.  As a child, I ate rice nearly daily – always at dinner as I ate western-style breakfasts (eggs and toast or cereal.  Sometimes, a very unique version of oatmeal my grandmother made consisting of […]

Chopped Canada, Season 3, Episode 4: Roasted Chrysanthemum Crusted Lamb

Ingredients for the second (i.e. main) course on the fifth episode of this season’s Chopped Canada were:  lamb crown, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast and chrysanthemum leaves.  The first thing that came to mind was roast lamb.  But I was trying to figure out what exactly to do with it (if I were to make this […]

Online Food Ordering: UberEats vs DoorDash

Over the past few months, two new food ordering services have launched in Toronto.  The first is UberEats, which was in “beta” earlier this year, and the other, DoorDash.  DoorDash is available both as a website for desktops as well as an app for your phone, while UberEats is app only (during its “beta” phase, […]

Chopped Canada Season 3, Episode 1: Chicken Burritos with Collard Greens

The first episode of the third season aired on Food Network Canada, featuring, yes, the new host (who made his debut on the show’s teen tournament).  Ingredients in the three rounds included candy necklaces in the first round as well as caramel-flavoured rice cakes and yarrow for dessert.  The main course’s ingredients were rotisserie chicken, […]

Chopped Canada Teen Tournament #3: Using Crumpets and Quince

With Christmas coming up, why not use the dessert round’s ingredients to create a sweet casserole dish for Christmas morning (who cares if the kids are going to get more hyper?  It’s Christmas Day.  It’s allowed).    In the basket for round three were:  crumpets, quince, butterscotch chips and whole allspice.  Not too difficult to combine.  […]

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