Recipe: Apple and Tomato ‘Gazpacho Sauce’

I just realized that I have NOT posted a recipe on DelectablyChic! in ages.  So why not do one now?  I’ve been experimenting with food again recently, and decided to make a soup which can double as a sauce when… Continue Reading

Quark and Greek Yogurt Cheesecake with Raspberries

I was looking for an interesting dessert to serve over the holiday weekend and found a quark and yogurt cheesecake (quark is a soft, spreadable cheese with a texture that is a bit lighter than tubbed cream cheese, but not… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode Six: Lime Pickle and Tropical Fish

Ingredients for episode six included tuna steaks and french fries for the main and Royal Gala apples in the dessert round.  For this week, I will concentrate on the mystery basket in the main course.  In addition to the fries… Continue Reading

Baked French Toast with Hong Kong Style Coconut Bread

Coconut bread, also known as “cocktail bread” (gai may bao in Cantonese), is readily available at Chinese bakeries and grocery stores (like T&T). This sweet-tasting bread is perfect for making French toast, which is what we did on Christmas Day. … Continue Reading

Competing for the PERFECT Mac and Cheese

The Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-off to make the PERFECT mac and cheese was held at the Ex yesterday.  Contestants, all well known professional chefs from various parts of the country (BC, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario, to be exact) were… Continue Reading