Sharing the Psychedelic Menu at Fat Pasha

Ahhh….Israeli and other Middle Eastern-inspired cuisines. It’s definitely the latest “it” cuisine here in the city, and like most ethnic cuisines, it isn’t likely a passing fad.  I feel that it’s definitely here to stay (because it’s just so good). … Continue Reading

Coco Lezzone: Delicious Food, Great Atmosphere

There have been several restaurants located at 137 Avenue Road, located just a bit north of Bloor with various different types of cuisines, including Indian and Italian. In fact, I had reviewed the Indian restaurant once when this site was… Continue Reading

Cynthia’s Restaurant List Review: Kwan Dim Sum

Kwan Dim Sum, located on Yonge, just north of St. Clair is one of the latest midtown Chinese restaurants.  Opened just a few months ago, the restaurant has been getting amazing reviews for its dim sum lunches.  Based on the… Continue Reading

Cynthia’s Restaurant List Review: Combine Eatery

Last Friday, I posted a(n on-going) list of restaurants in the city that I would like to try (or return to for a different meal).  The first restaurant knocked from the list was Combine Eatery, located on Danforth Avenue, just… Continue Reading

Cynthia’s Restaurant List (Places She Still Needs to Go) – Updated August 20

People who follow me/DelectablyChic! on Instagram and Twitter know that I eat out a lot.  I have my regular spots (especially for brunch) and also try new places.  And in Toronto, there are plenty of places to try.  I can’t… Continue Reading