Sharing the Psychedelic Menu at Fat Pasha

Ahhh….Israeli and other Middle Eastern-inspired cuisines. It’s definitely the latest “it” cuisine here in the city, and like most ethnic cuisines, it isn’t likely a passing fad.  I feel that it’s definitely here to stay (because it’s just so good).  In my opinion, once a culture’s food rises out of the mom-and-pop, “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants, you’re […]

Bees, Pizza and Osteria dei Ganzi

I can’t believe it took me over one year to have a proper meal at Osteria dei Ganzi, a restaurant on Jarvis Street, near the National Ballet School.  The last time I went there was for its media launch in June of 2013, where we had the chance to taste several of their offerings, including […]

Coco Lezzone: Delicious Food, Great Atmosphere

There have been several restaurants located at 137 Avenue Road, located just a bit north of Bloor with various different types of cuisines, including Indian and Italian. In fact, I had reviewed the Indian restaurant once when this site was still known as Prospere Magazine. Sadly, it closed shortly after the article was published. Then […]

Cynthia’s Restaurant List: Momofuku Daishō

So after more than a year of opening in Toronto, I’ve finally made my way to Daishō, the Momofuku restaurant located on the third floor of the complex (I went to the Noodle Bar for lunch a couple of months ago) next to the Shangri-La Hotel.  For those who are unfamiliar, Daishō’s meals are meant […]

Cynthia’s Restaurant List Review: Kwan Dim Sum

Kwan Dim Sum, located on Yonge, just north of St. Clair is one of the latest midtown Chinese restaurants.  Opened just a few months ago, the restaurant has been getting amazing reviews for its dim sum lunches.  Based on the photos alone, the dim sum looks both “traditional” and, at the same time, a little […]

Cynthia’s Restaurant List Review: Combine Eatery

Last Friday, I posted a(n on-going) list of restaurants in the city that I would like to try (or return to for a different meal).  The first restaurant knocked from the list was Combine Eatery, located on Danforth Avenue, just east of Broadview.  The restaurant is, according to sources, “southwest” – as in Southwestern United […]

Cynthia’s Restaurant List (Places She Still Needs to Go) – Updated August 20

People who follow me/DelectablyChic! on Instagram and Twitter know that I eat out a lot.  I have my regular spots (especially for brunch) and also try new places.  And in Toronto, there are plenty of places to try.  I can’t even keep up!  So I’ve decided to come up with a list.  Some of the […]

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