TTC/National Ballet of Canada vs. Body Image Shows Our Lack of Interest in the Arts

By now, everyone in Toronto has heard about the TTC “We Move You” ad, featuring the National Ballet of Canada, which has caused controversy among many body image activists.  The latter are saying the dancers project a negative body image, causing many people to feel badly about their shape.  Say what?  It takes years and […]

Simone Biles as a Petite Spokesmodel?

As soon as I heard that Olympic gymnast, Simone Biles was only 4’9″, an idea popped into my head.  Simone as a model for petite lines of clothing.  True petite models – that is, a model who is 5’4″ or shorter – are almost NEVER used.  The petite section of ANY clothing brand, features the […]

J. Crew Phases Out Petites In Stores…Again

The other day, I trekked from my barre class at the King/University area to the Eaton Centre.  Whenever I’m at that mall, I make my usual stops, which often includes J. Crew.  After the December holiday season, I noticed that the store started carrying a small selection of petite sizes.  Good news for a short […]

OMG! Different-Sized Barbies!

Barbie finally comes in different body types!  Including petite!  I know media are going to focus on “curvy” Barbie, because that’s what media (and body image activists) do, but it’s important to highlight other non-“standard” (whatever that means) sizing as well.  I’m a short girl and as short girls know, we have our own “issues” […]

Hyba: Active Wear for MOST SIZES…including HEIGHTS!

Hyba is a new brand of active wear by Reitmans that has recently launched across Canada.  Unlike many other national brands, Hyba, which has taken over some Smartset stores (also owned by Reitmans), carries a very wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X and inseam lengths varying from 28″ to 34″.  While smaller sizes […]

Petites at J. Crew Brick and Mortar Stores!

Well, at Yorkdale and the Eaton Centre in Toronto, anyway.  I am unsure about petite availability in other cities.  While the collection is very small (for example, only two washes in the Toothpick jean, perhaps three style of dresses and a handful of Tippi sweaters were among the pieces available).  We shorter women no longer […]

Petite Designer Donna Thach and Her Line, Black Turtle

Cynthia’s note:  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Donna Thach of Black Turtle, a new petite-focused line of office-appropriate pieces.  The line is currently only available for purchase online, and, unfortunately, does not deliver internationally yet.  Soon!!! Donna Thach, Black Turtle founder and designer Tell me a bit about Black Turtle. Who is […]

Petite Sizes: Is it Getting Better?

I’d say, to a certain extent, yes.  Most major brands that carry petites have launched their spring looks, and while many of the pieces still lean towards office-friendly, the choices are growing, sometimes with almost as much variety as regular sizes.  But, it’s not quite there…yet.  Sometimes, certain looks aren’t available in petites at all […]

France’s BMI Requirement for Models Should be About Proportion

The French government recently passed legislation which mandates a minimum BMI requirement for models.  The BMI must be 18.  Casting directors, designers, agencies and anyone else involved in the fashion industry who do not comply can face a charge of €75,000 (about $82,417 US) and six months in prison.  While this will reduce the number […]

TRUE to Size Diversity: An Inverview with Dale Noelle of TRUE Model Management

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dale Noelle, a former model and founder of TRUE Model Management, a New York-based agency representing models of all sizes. Ms. Noelle has been involved with the apparel industry since she was very young. She worked at her father’s clothing factories and later owned her own apparel business […]

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