Malorie Urbanovitch: Normcore with a Twist

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about Malorie Urbanovitch’s upcoming collection as the first few pieces were presented – they were fairly dark in colour, ranging mostly navies and burnt oranges.  It screamed fall/winter.  Not to mention, many were knits, albeit lightweight.  However, as the show progressed, the looks became more and more […]

Rachel Sin: Jetsetting in Work and in Play

The theme for Rachel Sin’s show is “The Urban Jetsetter” and unlike other presentations, two seasons were shown at once.  Typically during Fashion Week, pieces seen on the runway are for the upcoming season.  Instead, the designer is showing both items currently available as well as next season!  The fall pieces, presented first under the […]

Sid Niegum Kicks off Fashion Week…

…and also wins this year’s Mercedes-Benz Startup (MBStartup)!  Sid first showed his entire Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which according to the press release is “based on packaging design. It’s about transforming two dimensional to three dimensional; achieved through laser cutting and mathematical pattern design” followed by a condensed version at the MBStartup presentation along with five […]

TFI Press and Buyers’ Brunch: Some Favourites

The Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Press and Buyers’ Brunch offers designers, whether it be fashion or accessories, the chance to speak directly with the press and buyers and has been held at every Toronto Fashion Week for a number of seasons.  While enjoying a delicious brunch, buyers and media have the opportunity to visit a number […]

WMCFW Wrap-up: Yays, Nays and Mehs: Fall/Winter 2014 Edition

Now that Fashion Week is over for another season, it’s time to wrap things up.  As usual, I am presenting my likes, dislikes and neutrals (aka Yays, Nays and Mehs).  I covered mostly early shows this season, so unfortunately, I missed designers like David Dixon and Maison Matthew Gallagher.  Perhaps next season! The Yays: Triarchy […]

Anu Raina: Birds and the City

Gimmicky and tacky are two adjectives one thinks of when they hear that a designer is showing a collection filled with city maps and skylines.  However, this was not the case for Anu Raina’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which is filled with desk to dinner-appropriate pieces.  In fact, other than a few obvious pieces (such as […]

The Great Equestrian Life at Triarchy

I don’t know why I have yet to purchase Triarchy jeans because they are TOTALLY my thing!  While I have only been on a horse once in my life (other than wooden ones) and never really read equestrian books growing up (what kind of preppy girl am I?), I’ve always had a fondness for the […]

Joe Fresh: Faux Fur and a Little Stylin’ for Fall

Joe Fresh has changed.  When it first launched, it was full of basics – very “normcore” as one might call it in 2014 and very suburban family.  It was “Minivan Life.”  Of course, what would one expect from a line of clothing that could be purchased from a grocery chain?  Fast forward to 2014 and […]

Matière Noire and Malorie Urbanovitch: A Contrast

Last season, for the first time ever, two winners were crowned winners of the Mercedes-Benz Start-up competition, a Canada-wide program which gives young, up-and-coming designers a chance to elevate their brand through networking, working with “industry insiders” and more.  Each year, finalists are invited to present in October for the chance to show a fuller […]

Mikhael Kale: Rocker Chick and Folding Napkins

The tents may have been freezing, but World MasterCard Fashion Week kicked off yesterday afternoon with Mikhael Kale’s show in the studio space.  The collection was full of ruffly embellishments, inspired napkins, as well as metals (the napkin ring).  In many ways, it was also a little bit “rocker chick.”   The colours were a […]

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