Thoughts on the New Apple Products

Apple announced a new phone, new iPad and Apple TV earlier this week.  I was a bit underwhelmed at the announcement – it wasn’t anything that wasn’t already leaked.  I was also a bit disappointed with the iPad Pro.  Sure, there’s a keyboard and a stylus (overpriced, I might add), but it would have been […]

Thoughts on the Apple Watch

As most people know, the Apple Watch was officially introduced yesterday.  Sleek, functional and available in three different styles, the product will be available in select countries, including Canada and the United States on April 24.  And yes, I am super-excited for the product.  As per an earlier introduction, there will be three versions of […]

iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus and the Apple Watch: Thoughts

So Apple announced three new devices yesterday, including the much-anticipated watch.  I’m pretty excited about these devices (I’m leaning towards the larger iPhone 6Plus right now), though a bit disappointed that the camera is remaining at 8 megapixels, while other phones have gone up to 12.  Of course, megapixels aren’t everything and the sensor in […]

The QX10 and Alpha 7: Sony Cameras I’ve Tried or Want To

I’ve been spotting a lot of my fellow bloggers talking about this Sony device, a camera that is the size of a lens that users can attach and pair with their smartphone and then take pictures that are much clearer than a standard phone camera.  Users would have to download the camera app for their […]

Love To Take Pics of What You Eat? Introducing FoodShootr

A new foodie app has landed on iOS.  Toronto-based FoodShootr, launched only on February 11, features not only a built-in camera, but also filters (like Instagram), allows phonographers to snap, edit and share not only delicious pictures they’re dining on at a restaurant, but also home creations and take-out as well.  All photos can be […]

Thoughts on the BlackBerry 10

Yesterday, Research in Motion (okay, BlackBerry – new stock symbols are BB (TSX) and BBRY (NYSE)), announced its two new devices, the Q10 and Z10  both operating under the revamped BlackBerry 10 system.  These devices, of which one (Z10) is touch screen and the other (Q10), a keyboard, features a supposedly improved camera (though not […]

iPhone 5 Announcement: A Disappointment to You?

The newest version of the iPhone has been announced, and it appears that the device has pretty much everything that was already leaked out. For anyone who has not been following along, the iPhone 5 will be taller, thinner, built in panorama for the camera and will have LTE among other things.  To some, especially […]

On Comparing Android and Apple Devices

A few days ago, IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) published a post on the iPhone versus the latest HTC DROID, an Android-operated device.  I was a little bit astounded at the fact that I was the only one who mentioned that comparing the two is apples to oranges (no pun intended) rather than apples to apples, […]

Dealing With an Uncool Phone

A couple of months ago, my Blackberry died.  And I mean died.  As in I was getting a White Screen of Death.  Though my carrier said that they’d fix it, I was in a hurry to have a smartphone for an upcoming event.  I purchased another Blackberry (no contract) because it was more affordable and […]

MESH Conference 2012: Discussing IT and Web’s Future

MESH 2012 drew Canada’s IT and Web insiders to the Allstream Centre for networking and discussion on the cutting edge of their field.  Plenty of attendees had travelled far and wide across North America to attend what has become a staple for the industry. Clay A. Johnson (right) on Day 1 of MESH MESH was founded […]

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