World MasterCard Fashion Week A.I.N.I. (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement)

Another season has wrapped up for Fashion Week in Toronto, which means it’s time for our A.I.N.I. list of things that were great, not-so-great and downright awful.  Let’s just say that this season, it was much more difficult to find things to criticize, as I (and I’m sure most regular attendees) was happy to see […]

Highlights from World MasterCard Fashion Week, Day 2

Day 2’s shows included Adrian Wu, who stayed very true to his “aesthetic” of art (more artsy this season so a little bit less weird) and had a live singer who sang music from 1960s films, DeMoyo (who had a lovely, warm weather-friendly collection filled with neutrals and crocheted pieces), Biddell (who had models walking […]

Toronto Fashion Week A.I.N.I. (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement)

Now that official Toronto Fashion Week has wrapped, it’s yet again, time to summarize what was good, what was so-so and what was well, not-so-good.   This season, I am calling it A.I.N.I (Amazing, Interesting and Needs Improvement).  As with last season, I loved the space.  Having tents in the core of the city, close to […]

Adrian Wu Once Again Shows Art on the Runway

Adrian Wu’s collection was called “The Hierarchy of Need.” Inspired by the movie V for Vendetta, all of the models who walked the runway wore Anonymous masks while wearing statue-like dresses with polka dots. There were some pieces that were at least a little bit wearable, including some maxi dresses.   The set, which had […]

LG Fashion Week Highlights: Day 5

Wow, it’s  been an absolutely crazy week and I can’t believe that the Spring/Summer shows are now coming to an end.  Today, the last day of LG Fashion Week, shows include Adrian Wu,l as Anu Raina, Micalla, Baby Steinberg as well as Judith & Charles (marking their first time at LG Fashion Week). Adrian Wu: […]

Ottawa Fashion Week – Fall/Winter 2011 Collections

It’s just about spring time in the real world but in the fashion world we are springing forward to the looks of fall and winter for Ottawa Fashion Week. The three day runway event took place from March 18th until March 20th in the amazing National Gallery of Canada at 380 Sussex drive. The event […]

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