From ANTM Live Toronto: Petite Friendly Convertible Dresses from Henkaa

One of the dresses I purchased at America’s Next Top Model LIVE! Toronto was this convertible/multi-style dress from Henkaa (“change” in Japanese).  Henkaa has three lengths, a mini dress/long top as well as two dresses (known as the Sakura), which come in short and long.  It’s one size fits most – the regular sizes fit […] Continue Reading

America’s Next Top Model LIVE Toronto on Until May 6!

Just got back from America’s Next Top Model LIVE, a shopping, fashion and beauty event going right now at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto.  The event features several hundred vendors ranging from clothing and accessories to beauty products as… Continue Reading

Art of Fashion Winners Announced

Art of Fashion has announced the winners of the 13th annual Design Competition and Designer Boutique “Choreology”.  The judges David Dixon, Kendra Francis, Jacinta Mulhem, Natalie Lecomte, Pat McDonagh, Pheinixx Paul and Faith Orfus had a tough decision to make but… Continue Reading