Petite Sizes: Is it Getting Better?

I’d say, to a certain extent, yes.  Most major brands that carry petites have launched their spring looks, and while many of the pieces still lean towards office-friendly, the choices are growing, sometimes with almost as much variety as regular sizes.  But, it’s not quite there…yet.  Sometimes, certain looks aren’t available in petites at all […]

Shopping, Availability and Living in Canada

I constantly read in retail-related blogs about the “lack of availability” in Canada when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.  And honestly, I can’t say I understand what they’re talking about.  Sure, there are stores that aren’t widely available in Canada, but that’s changing.  J.Crew and LOFT, for example, have been opening […]

Anthropologie Cardigan: Why Don’t the Colours Match?

When I received the September Anthropologie catalogue, one cardigan, the Gilt Floribunda Cardi, really caught my eye.  In the catalogue (as with the posed shot with a model on a set), it had a gorgeous deep teal shade and the pattern, which were leaves, were a golden yellow colour.  The close-up product shot (with a […]

Webitor’s Picks: Casual Summer Day Dresses

The casual summer dress is pretty much a uniform for many women rather than the standard t-shirt, capris (or shorts) and sandals.  It’s something that can be dressed up or down with accessories and shoes, making it very versatile, whether you’re going grocery shopping, going out for brunch or a dinner date with your significant […]

Anthropologie Expands Petite Section Online?

Is it just me, or has Anthropologie’s petite selection increased over the past couple of months?  There are 24 rows of items if you click on view all and eight pages if you want to view 24 images at a time.  This is an improvement, considering that at one point, they didn’t even have a […]

Casual Dresses and Skirts for Warm Weather Wear

I don’t know about you, but for me, warm weather usually means spending more time wearing casual dresses and skirts.  I have an obsession with BCBG’s jersey dresses – I have some that date back to 2003 or so – but of course, BCBG isn’t the only line I wear during the summer.  Here are […]

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