Thoughts on the Apple Watch

As most people know, the Apple Watch was officially introduced yesterday.  Sleek, functional and available in three different styles, the product will be available in select countries, including Canada and the United States on April 24.  And yes, I am… Continue Reading

Thoughts on the BlackBerry 10

Yesterday, Research in Motion (okay, BlackBerry – new stock symbols are BB (TSX) and BBRY (NYSE)), announced its two new devices, the Q10 and Z10  both operating under the revamped BlackBerry 10 system.  These devices, of which one (Z10) is… Continue Reading

Current and Upcoming Food Trends in North America

Recently, I was able to speak with Phil Lempert of Supermarket Guru to discuss food trends that he has observed so far and what he sees this upcoming year.  What he told me was, for the most part, not much… Continue Reading

RIM’s Playbook Gets Mixed Reviews

According to reports, Research in Motion’s Playbook, which will be released to the public on Tuesday, has been receiving not-so-great reviews from critics.  While many love the device’s ability to run Flash sites and  its fast browser, many did not… Continue Reading

iPad 2 Launches – In Stores 3/11 for US; 3/25 for Canada

Cynthia Cheng Mintz Steve Jobs, who looked amazingly healthy, was on hand at the announcement today.  The iPad 2 will not only be thinner (8.8 mm thick – thinner than an iPhone 4) and lighter (1.3 lb) and faster (up to nine… Continue Reading

ÜberSocial Now Working, Glitches Remain

Cynthia Cheng Mintz The Blackberry app formerly known as ÜberTwitter was reactivated Sunday evening under its new name, ÜberSocial.  However, one issue still remains.  Ringtone alerts don’t appear in Blackberry settings, meaning that users do not know whether they have… Continue Reading