Being Chinese and NOT Eating Rice Often

I rarely cook rice at home.  I haven’t even used my rice cooker since November 2014!  And I’m of Chinese descent.  As a child, I ate rice nearly daily – always at dinner as I ate western-style breakfasts (eggs and… Continue Reading

Fresh off the Boat: 1990s Wonder Years, East Asian Style

Fresh off the Boat, the first family sitcom featuring predominantly Asian characters in 20 years, made its premiere on ABC last night.  Told in a narration format (think The Wonder Years) and set in 1990s, it follows Eddie Huang, an… Continue Reading

Healthier Alternatives: Steamed Turkey Meatballs

Recently, I decided to give an Italian-inspired meal an East Asian twist.  Making meatballs Asian (dim sum) style and serving it with rice and seaweed noodles rather than wheat.  This is not a difficult recipe to make.  It’s basically a… Continue Reading

Hugh Jackman as The Engineer in Miss Saigon? Please, NO!

With the success of Les Misérables as a movie musical, including Golden Globe wins and Oscar nominations, talks for a Miss Saigon film are apparently in the preliminary stages.  According to a sources, including Musical Theatre News, Hugh Jackman, who… Continue Reading

Blue Dragon Stir Fry sauce Recipe 1: Sweet and Sour Beef

I was contacted by the PR company who works with Blue Dragon, a company that makes a series of delicious stir-fry and other Asian-inspired sauces before the holidays.  As I was going away, I asked that they hold of sending… Continue Reading

Hearts for Fickle Viet-Chinese Cuisine

Fickle Viet Chinese Cuisine certainly has been getting a lot of attention since it opened on June 17, not only because of its name, but because of restaurant’s interesting decor – heart shapes all over its walls, ceilings and even… Continue Reading