It’s New York Fashion Week and I Don’t Care…

In fact, I have no plans to watch anything they’re streaming.  I just don’t seem to care anymore.  It’s not that I don’t like clothing or because I feel like the styles don’t apply to me, it’s just that it’s not something I’m not interested in writing much about anymore.  I feel like my posts […]

That Fabulous Life of a Blogger

…NOT!!!  I’m no influencer.  I’m pretty much just some person from Toronto who runs a blog – just like hundreds of others in the city.  I don’t even get invitations to the so-called “coolest” parties.  I mostly apply for media passes or pay to attend as an attendee (I’d say it’s about 50-50 right now.  […]

Luck, Privilege and Questioning One’s Upbringing

I consider myself lucky.  I consider myself privileged.  I admit that (and I know I don’t have certain privileges as well).  But lately, seeing all the anti-establishment posts on my newsfeed – whether it be from media sources or so-called “friends” –  has made me slightly…uncomfortable.  Actually, it has always made me uncomfortable.  I have […]

On Blogging, Other Bloggers and Fitting In

What exactly IS DelectablyChic!?  We have been publishing under this brand name for more than three years, and over six if the previous brand, Prospere Magazine was included in the mix.  We have always had a mixture of food, fashion/beauty, travel and other topics such as events and some entertainment, and it is what the […]

The QX10 and Alpha 7: Sony Cameras I’ve Tried or Want To

I’ve been spotting a lot of my fellow bloggers talking about this Sony device, a camera that is the size of a lens that users can attach and pair with their smartphone and then take pictures that are much clearer than a standard phone camera.  Users would have to download the camera app for their […]

Supermodel Spokespeople for Local Malls: Thoughts

Recently, I received an email from Yorkdale’s PR announcing that supermodel, Coco Rocha, will once again be the “spokesmodel” for the mall.  The model, who is known to be very active on social media, was born in Toronto, but grew up in British Columbia.  While it’s great that Yorkdale chose someone born in the city, […]

IFB Project #110: Fall 2013 Boots Line-up

This week, Independent Fashion Bloggers asked us to write about fall boots.  Though it’s still fairly warm in Toronto – this week’s weather will be in the mid 20s C – projected temperatures over the next couple of weeks will drop down to the mid to high teens.  Though not cool enough for boots just […]

Shopping for Good Causes at AIME’s #bloggerbazaarto

On Sunday, several of Toronto’s top bloggers, including  Backseat Stylers, The Souls of My Shoes and Style Blog participated in the #bloggerbazaarto at at the back of Monica Mei’s AIME boutique.  Items ranged from bags to clothing and shoes (and from budget-friendly brands like Joe Fresh to premium lines like Erdem and Christian Louboutin), all […]

Hugo Boss Debuts BOSS FW 2013 in Shanghai with Two Limited Looks

Watching Chinese costume dramas and comedies as a little girl, and later, studying Chinese history in university, Shanghai was always portrayed as a glamorous, sort of like Paris or New York in the west.  Though China had its problems in the middle of the twentieth century, it has changed a great deal over the past […]

Minling Pan Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Fashion Launch

Held at Arta Gallery at the Distillery District, Minling Pan (DelectablyChic! spoke with Ms. Pan in an interview a few weeks ago) celebrated her anniversary and launched her private label collection on Monday evening.  Featuring some of Toronto’s favourite bloggers as models (including Dainty Girl‘s Nicole Wilson, the Sparks Twins and Toronto Beauty Review‘s Elaine […]

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