My Grandmother Said Ballet Makes Legs ‘Fat…’

Totally WTF, right?  But this was what my grandmother told me to discourage me from dancing.  I only know one other person who had a family member tell her that and yes, she, too is first generation Canadian with Chinese immigrant family members.  Maybe it’s just misunderstanding, something that was lost in translation, but that’s […]

TRUE to Size Diversity: An Inverview with Dale Noelle of TRUE Model Management

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Dale Noelle, a former model and founder of TRUE Model Management, a New York-based agency representing models of all sizes. Ms. Noelle has been involved with the apparel industry since she was very young. She worked at her father’s clothing factories and later owned her own apparel business […]

Online Petite-Friendly Shop: Adela Mei

Adela Mei, run by Stacy Leung and Sasha Moyer, is a California-based, online boutique with a very special focus – petite women under 5’4″.  While their pieces are, for the most part, NOT petite-exclusive (as in the clothes are not petite sized), the aim for Adela Mei is to be a one stop (or rather, […]

Specialty Size Brand Carolina Alvo Launches Kickstarter Today!

Last year, we profiled an online, petite-focused store called Gambita, which sold clothing that was suited for women 5’4″ and below.  The clothes on Gambita were from other brands which made shorter inseams and hemlines.  One year later, Gambita has rebranded.  It is now called Carolina Alvo (after the designer herself), and launches with its […]

J.Crew Brings Petite Denim and Sweaters Back for Select Styles

I just came across the news this morning (after clicking on an email from J.Crew regarding new styles).  J.Crew has NOT sold petite length denim or sweaters in at least five years.  The jeans are available only in the Reid line and have a 30″ inseam.  Sizes are the standard 24-30 and come in six […]

J.Crew Launches Size 000: Vanity Sizing Gone Too Far?

I didn’t notice this until I browsed J.Crew’s latest pieces where sizes 000 and XXXS are now available in its regular sizing (petites still end at XXSP and 00P).  Even as a relatively tiny person, I think it’s getting a bit too crazy.  Do women really have such low self-esteem that they need to feel […]

Professional Make-Up, Idiots and the YouTube Magazine Makeover

Recently, a video on YouTube showed four women getting the “celebrity” treatment of professional hair and make-up and a photo shoot.  The pictures were then digitally edited to look more “ideal” in the mainstream sense.  Before these pictures were done, the women commented on how they were often unsatisfied with their looks because they didn’t […]

Body Image Activists: Are Their Campaigns Dangerous?

I’ve always had a problem with body image activists (so much that one particular organization has banned me from commenting on their Facebook page).  Sure, they mean good by encouraging more size diversity in fashion, but are their campaigns healthy?  Or are they just as bad as having too many tall, thin, blonds? Balance is […]

Where Amazons Need Not Apply: Petite e-Store Picks Petite Model

Petite-focused e-store, Gambita, picks modelling competition winner.  Below is a short video featuring highlights of the model search, including a short interview with Gambita founder and CEO, Caroline Misan Alvo where she mentions the difficulty of finding models under 5’4″ in New York. Gambita Runway Show at PHD from Gambita on Vimeo. As a petite […]

I’d Rather Be Short – Ummm, Not Really

I’ve been sent quite a few books lately – not that it’s a bad thing.  While I loved Rhianna Jones’s Parisienne French, I wasn’t as sure about I’d Rather Be Short: 100 Reasons Why It’s Great to be Small by Becky Murphy.  As a fellow blogger and petite gal, I disagreed with many of Ms. […]

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