An Interview Lotus Premium Denim Designer, Sarah Coronado

lotus premium denimSLIDER

As a petite woman, I’m always on the look out for petite brands, especially ones that are petite-exclusive.  Back in the summer, I discovered the website for Lotus Premium Denim, founded by California girl, Sarah Coronado.  This line of jeans fits both short and average-height women up to around 5’6″, and is available online.  And […]

Petite Gals: Your Chance to be a ‘Top Model’ with Gambita!


Gambita, the online-only, petite-exclusive store (we profiled them earlier this year) is holding a model search for an upcoming photo shoot! This is probably one of the few chances shorter women under 5’4″ would ever get a chance to model (unless, of course, they’re celebrities like Lady Gaga), since many contests and agencies that claim […]

Runway-Sized Models for Beauty Demos: Necessary?


I was recently at a beauty-related event where models were used to show off the product.  Most of the models there were of the fashion variety – very tall and extremely thin.  This is quite common at non-fashion events I’ve attended and I’ve always pondered on why it is.  After all, the models there were […]

Body Diversity =/= Large Sizing…

Again, bigger media outlets are focusing on larger sizes when they discuss body diversity.  Yesterday, a Jezebel post about a protest in San Francisco outside a Victoria’s Secret store zeroed in on larger people (even if they did mention all sizes, including short and smaller framed people) in their post.  This was especially true in […]

Are Body Image Positive Sites Truly Effective?


…or merely annoying?  Yes, this is coming from someone who, at one point, ran a petite-focused blog (Shorty Stories is technically still “live” but no longer updates).  I follow several Facebook pages, including Endangered Bodies, Adios Barbie, Any-Body (the UK chapter of Endangered Bodies), and to a certain extent, Jezebel, and find many of their […]

Gambita: One Stop Online Shopping for Petites


Recently, I had the chance to speak with Caroline Misan Alvo, founder of Gambita, an online store for petite women.  The website, which launched just this past January, after she left her job in the non-profit sector, is a play on being tiny – “gambita” means “little shrimp” in Spanish.  At 4’9″, Caroline’s fashion woes […]

New BMI Calculation Makes Women ‘Fatter’ and Men ‘Slimmer’?


An article in the Telegraph in the UK published on Monday said that the way we have calculated BMI for years is actually inaccurate.  It made taller people (over 6′ or so) seem heavier, while shorter people (under 5’5″ or so) were seen as slimmer.  The new method reverses the fact, so that those who […]

Luxury Petite Fashion Has Arrived: Introducing The 16th Bar

TWO TONE with logo

Finally, a luxury line has arrived for petite women 5’5″ and below.  The 16th Bar, led by 4’11” designer Frankie Ortiz, presented its debut collection in Los Angeles late last year.  Currently only available online, but with plans to open brick and mortar stores, the collection consists of skirts, dresses and jackets and features true […]

On Proportion and Israel’s BMI Requirement for Models

Spiral Tape Measure

The Wall Street Journal and Toronto Standard were among the many publications that discussed Israel’s recent ban on “too skinny” models.  In Israel, models must have a BMI of at least 18.5 in order to work and there are very strict rules about using models who fall below the magic number.  However, this ruling is […]

Allistyle: A Win for Body Image But Still Lacks ‘Style’

Allistyle 1

The first all plus-size line to show on the runway at World MasterCard Fashion Week was Allistyle, who presented the Spring/Summer 2013 collection on October 26.  While this was definitely a very innovative move and major change at any Fashion Week, sadly, the collection was rather plain and something that anyone specialty sized (whether plus […]

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