Midtown Toronto Customized Jewellery at Studio1098

During Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn Dieroff and Tamara Kronis at the TFI Press and Buyers’ brunch and quickly arranged a meeting with them at their boutique and studio.  Located in Summerhill, Studio1098 (named for its… Continue Reading

Brunch at MoRoCo Chocolat in Yorkville

I have to admit that I love brunch. Whether it be fancy at a hotel or super-casual at a greasy diner, it’s almost always great.  Recently, my husband and I stopped by MoRoCo Chocolat (Mo and Ro stand for Montana… Continue Reading

Shop What You Want at Billy Bishop Airport

Everyone in Toronto knows Porter Airlines and its reputation for flying stylishly.  Its home airport, Billy Bishop – formerly known as Toronto Island Airport – now has a hip new boutique called WANT Passport, selling stylish travel-essential items such as… Continue Reading

What? Ron White Carries Sizes 4 & 4.5 at Nordstrom, Not Own Boutique

…not even online!  Ron White has received a lot of press lately about his line of oh-so-comfortable shoes, but I can’t wear them.  The smallest size I could find at the boutique and online is a 35/5 and it wasn’t just a little bit too big, something that can be helped by insoles, but MUCH […] Continue Reading

Bobbette & Belle Deliciously Styles Leslieville

Cynthia Cheng Mintz The latest in yummy desserts and stylish cakes has arrived in Toronto’s Leslieville area.  Bobbette & Belle, owned by pastry and dessert veterans, Allyson Meredith Bobbitt and Sarah Bell, opened its doors to the public on November… Continue Reading

A Poised Woman is the Envied Woman

Christopher Massardo Martha Kunst of Ottawa’s  Poised Boutique is a woman who means business! That saying is fairly common with the entrepreneurial world, what is different though is the serious but not over aggressive approach to this business woman’s tactics and… Continue Reading

Romantic, Delicious and Apple-Filled

Who would have thought a theme restaurant would do well in France?  But Pomze is no theme restaurant in the American sense.  In fact, it’s elegant and grown-up, just like many other eateries in Paris.  However,  one thing that makes it different… Continue Reading