Defunct Make-Up Brands: Do You Miss Them?

Are there any cosmetics brands you’ve used in the past that no longer exist that you miss?  Or did some just disappear without you even noticing?   Or, maybe they’re only available in certain markets.  I started using make-up around… Continue Reading

Juicy Couture and Pink Coming to the Toronto Eaton Centre!

Both Talbots and Tristan have closed over the past few weeks and the two stores replacing them are Juicy Couture and Pink, respectively.  I was actually very surprised about the closing as I didn’t hear any announcement at all.  I… Continue Reading

Asian Beauty Obsession: BB Creams

BB creams, or blemish balm creams, originally used to protect and smooth out very sensitive skin caused by laser surgery is the latest beauty phenomenon in East Asia.  Practically every line, ranging from local names to western drugstore brands like… Continue Reading

Fashion Blogging vs. Style Blogging: This Webitor’s Opinion

Some people may think they are one and the same, but I think this is not the case.  In fact, they are, in many ways, very different.  The fashion blogger is usually dressed in the latest “it” styles (even if… Continue Reading

Two Louis Vuitton Boutiques on Bloor? WHAT?

According to a PDF of Toronto’s Yorkville area, it seems that Louis Vuitton is about to set up shop at 150 Bloor Street West, right next to Burberry.  However, its current location on the south side of the street, next… Continue Reading

Intermix Coming to the Tdot!

Chic clothing retailer, Intermix is set to open up a location on Bloor Street this fall.  Intermix, which describes itself as a “multi-brand retailer styling women with our unique and compelling fashion point-of-view” has 24 locations across the United States as… Continue Reading