Chopped Canada Season 3, Episode 9: Deviled Eggs and Sprinkles?

Yes, the appetizer round called for the following ingredients:  already-prepped deviled eggs, Canadian smoked cheddar, venison sausages and…get ready for it…rainbow cake decorations.  In other words, rainbow sprinkles.  Why are ingredients this season so…odd?  Anyway… Can you SERIOUSLY incorporate this… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Teen Tournament #3: Using Crumpets and Quince

With Christmas coming up, why not use the dessert round’s ingredients to create a sweet casserole dish for Christmas morning (who cares if the kids are going to get more hyper?  It’s Christmas Day.  It’s allowed).    In the basket for… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada, Season 2, Episode 26: Lotus Root Quiche

Episode 26 is season 2’s finale, so there won’t be another Chopped Canada write-up until season 3 premieres, probably some time in 2016.  For the main course, the mystery ingredients were:  trout caviar, lotus root, brunost cheese and butterscotch rice… Continue Reading

Long Weekend Traditions: Monday Brunch and Cupcakes

My husband and I have a tradition each holiday weekend.  We have brunch at one particular restaurant.  It’s not exactly a fancy place – in fact, it’s a small chain of breakfast joints called Eggspectation.  And with the exception of… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 17: Leftover Blueberry Pancake Fritters

I’m actually having a tough time deciding which box to use.  The main course box featured holiday treats like turkey and cranberry sauce (which I could either go Chinese with and make my family’s traditional turkey congee or fried rice… Continue Reading

OMG, Shakshuka is EVERYWHERE!: Five Toronto Places to Get it

When I first came across this delicious Israeli egg dish, it was at Aroma, an Israeli-based coffee chain that had opened up in the Toronto area.  Eggs cooked in a tomato and roasted red pepper sauce, it is healthier and… Continue Reading

Baked French Toast with Hong Kong Style Coconut Bread

Coconut bread, also known as “cocktail bread” (gai may bao in Cantonese), is readily available at Chinese bakeries and grocery stores (like T&T). This sweet-tasting bread is perfect for making French toast, which is what we did on Christmas Day. … Continue Reading