Art Photography Online With The Print Atelier

Recently, I had the wonderful chance to speak with Maude Arsenault, an art photographer and creator of The Print Atelier, an online source for art photography.  Based in Montreal, the site allows shoppers to purchase prints by photographers without having… Continue Reading

Extra Caffeine in Chocolate Keeps You AWAKE

In Grade 10, our science teacher told us why many of us were so tired during afternoon classes.  It was because we had lunch, and during the digestion process, the food turned into sugar and that was what made us… Continue Reading

60s and Preppy Looks for Joe Fresh Fall/Winter 2012

As we wait for season 6 of Mad Men to premiere next year, we can continue to enjoy many 1960s-inspired looks from Joe Fresh’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection.  Presented back in March just a week before the season 5 premiere, many… Continue Reading

Real Housewives of Vancouver, Embarrassment and Reality TV

As soon as I heard that a Canadian version was in the works, my reaction was “ooohhhhh boy.”  Yeah, the Vancouver edition debuted on Slice recently.  I don’t really watch shows like these – I think it fries too many… Continue Reading

Pretty, Sophisticated Sloane Tea

If you haven’t seen the growth of interest in tea in Toronto, you must be living under a rock.  From shops like David’s Tea to tea sommelier programs at schools like George Brown College and “designer” brands of teas, it’s… Continue Reading

Blogger Profile: Oui, Petite

Screen handle: Oui, Petite (Twitter: @tangluu) Website: Where are you based? Greater Toronto Area Why did you start your site? I had really wanted to start blogging for the longest time, but never really knew what to blog about.… Continue Reading

Playbook Launches 4/19; Available for Pre-Order As of 3/22

According to reports from sources like the Globe and Mail, Research in Motion’s long-awaited Playbook is now available for pre-order at BestBuy as of today, March 22, 2011.  The official North American launch date for the device is April 19. … Continue Reading