Chopped Canada is Back and Recipe Idea From Their Mystery Basket

Chopped Canada’s fourth season started on Food Network Canada on September 3.  Mystery ingredients for various courses premiere included haggis, mountain yam root, gai lan (Chinese mustard greens) and fruit ring cereal (i.e. Froot Loops – YUCK!!!).  For my meal… Continue Reading

Hong Kong Pastries, Snacks and Other Delights

Because of British colonization, Hong Kong has developed a very interesting an unique type of cuisine that is separate from mainstream Cantonese fare.  The cha chaan teng, which I wrote about when this site was called Prospere Magazine is one… Continue Reading

Hong Kong Bistro Cafe: Diner Food, Hong Kong Style

Hong Kong’s cha chaan tengs (which I first wrote about when this site was still called Prospere Magazine) are very unique, offering fare not typically found in a “normal” Chinese restaurant such as baked pork chops and rice with tomato… Continue Reading

Fusion and ‘North American’ Ethnic Cuisine

I consider myself quite lucky to have had exposure to different types of cuisine, especially “real” or “authentic” versions of “ethnic foods.”  However, what I find very interesting is how different names are applied to North Americanized “ethnic” foods, depending… Continue Reading