SIAL 2017: Sorbets from Fontaine Santé, Vegan Burgers from the UK and MORE!

SIAL 2017, was, as usual, overwhelming.  So many brands not yet in the GTA, or even Ontario or Canada, period!  Of course, there are brands which are already here, like Fontaine Santé, known for its hummus (they were sampling just… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 3, Episode 9: Deviled Eggs and Sprinkles?

Yes, the appetizer round called for the following ingredients:  already-prepped deviled eggs, Canadian smoked cheddar, venison sausages and…get ready for it…rainbow cake decorations.  In other words, rainbow sprinkles.  Why are ingredients this season so…odd?  Anyway… Can you SERIOUSLY incorporate this… Continue Reading

Interesting Finds at the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo 2015

Gourmet Food and Wine Expo, Gourmet Food & Wine, Grapevine Catering, dining, Toronto events

Once again, I had the opportunity to attend the VIP event at this year’s Gourmet Food & Wine Expo.  Some old favourites are back, as noted in an earlier post (and some were missing, as well, such as long time… Continue Reading

Chocolate Cheese, Kefir Drinks and Other SIAL 2015 Highlights

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend SIAL 2015 this year.  I went for the first time in 2013, the last time they were in Toronto, an event which switches back and forth between our city and Montreal.  Each year,… Continue Reading

Chopped Canada Season 2, Episode 9: Stilton Egg Roll Salad?

What do you do with stilton cheese and egg rolls?  With watercress also in the basket, along with chestnut flour, you make some sort of salad, of course!  This week, I’ve decided to use the ingredients from the first course… Continue Reading

Competing for the PERFECT Mac and Cheese

The Grate Canadian Cheese Cook-off to make the PERFECT mac and cheese was held at the Ex yesterday.  Contestants, all well known professional chefs from various parts of the country (BC, Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario, to be exact) were… Continue Reading

Discovering Interesting Foods at SIAL

The annual SIAL (Salon International de l’Alimentation) Canada event was held at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto last week.   This food and beverage trade show featured included a wide array of items from around the world.  Most of the… Continue Reading

Grilled Cheese Stop Two: Construction Site Yonge and Eglinton

The Construction Site, currently with two locations in Toronto, is another grilled cheese joint that opened in the city over the past several months.  An affiliate of Druxy’s, this restaurant offers a smaller menu than other competition, six items in… Continue Reading

I Want Cheese, Please!

Grilled cheese is one of my weaknesses.  It’s so good on a cold winter day, especially when accompanied with tomato soup.  Imagine my excitement when I received an invitation via Twitter to sample some items from Say Cheese, a new… Continue Reading